Zepto Notus

The Zepto Notus is a new 12-inch notebook from Zepto, the European company known for its Znote models, which comes with a long battery life of 10 hours.
Zepto Notus
It is available at EUR 899 featuring a LED TFT display, 80GB hard drive storage capacity, Bluetooth wireless connectivity module, WLAN and the Trusted Platform Module for data security.

Covered in a shock-proof housing made of rugged magnesium, the Notus is powered by an Intel McCaslin processor that consumes 50% less power than others leading to this long operating time of almost one day.

It is resistant at 1 meter drops and liquid spills but it also provides fast wireless connectivity of up to 300Mbit speeds. All these in a small and stylish notebook weighting almost 1Kg.

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