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Remember how we spoke in one of our past articles about laptop sales consumer frauds? In that articles, we told you that different companies scam customers by telling them they win free laptops but the catch was that you had to buy a couple of things in exchange, products that normally wouldn’t have been on your shopping list.

We have searched the internet to see what are the current competitions that are supposed to give out free laptops to the winners. We are not authorized to tell you if these competitions are scams because we don’t have the necessary experience in the field but we do tend to trust authorized website like or when they say they are giving out free laptop as prizes. Huge companies which never joke around and pull fake publicity stunts. First of all, their reputation would be severely damaged and they can risk some nasty lawsuits from the customers they could scam. This is why we recommend that you trust companies with experience and not just any phantom website that requires you to purchase something to get a laptop for free. That laptop is not for free, it has the equivalent price of all those products you need to buy in order to get it. I hope my message is getting through to you. But enough about frauds, let’s see if you can win a laptop.

Online Win a Laptop is a website that gives you the chance to win a laptop is you register on their website and agree to receive their newsletter. You also have to fill in a customer survey and frankly this has become a common thing if you want to win something of high value: just complete the survey. In order to sustain their statements, the owners of the website has put a list of the previous winners with details like their full name, the city of provenience and maybe a small testimonial or the prize they won. This is a very good marketing strategy because you will always believe a company which gives out prizes if you know that it has past winners that have actually benefited from those prizes.
Win a Free Laptop is giving out a Dell Mini 9 as a prize. This offer is more credible since there is only one laptop available. You can’t actually believe all those websites that say they will give a free laptop to anyone that does a certain thing (they can’t afford it). You have until the 31st of January 2010 to join and get your free shot at winning the Dell Mini 9. You have to fill in your personal information as well as the answer to the question What numbers do you need to dial for 0800 REVERSE? The answer to that question is simple because all you need to do is look at your mobile phone and see which number stands for (7), which is for (3), which is for (8) and so on. I haven’t check out the rules of this competition but I’m getting the feeling that this could be only for UK residents.

On the other hand, has a contest which is especially for UK residents. They are offering 3 Dell Inspiron 11z laptops to those that give a correct answer to the question When referring to memory what does ‘GB’ stand for? and fill in their personal data. In case you are wondering why companies give out free laptops in exchange for your personal data, you should now that it’s a marketing strategy. The value that 3 laptops have a company is way less compared to how important a good client database is worth for the company. Companies make a lot of money out of publicity by sending e-mails and text messages (and even letter with catalogs and offers) to their clients but in order to do that, you must have a solid database with real names and home addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. The simple question is symbolic, just to give you the feeling that you are actually doing something to win a laptop. You have until the 2nd of February to join this competition but remember that you have to be an UK resident in order to get your prize. The rules of the competition clearly state that there is no purchase required and every UK citizen which is above 18 years old (those that have less that 18 years of age must have parental permission to join the contest) has an equal shot at winning one of these 3 laptops. This information is very reassuring in time like these where we always hear and read about people that have been scammed to buy different items in order to win a prize which they never get eventually.
Win a Laptop Online

If you hurry up, you can still get a chance at winning a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop given by This prize seems to be offered by NoPostie, a website that allows you to send unlimited e-cards throughout a whole year with only 10 pounds per annum. This competition closes on the 17th of January. After you give a correct answer to the question How many eCards can you send if subscribing for a year? you are again asked for your personal information. Companies use contests like these because it’s a publicity stunt and they have to make their customers feel special from time to time.
Win Laptop Online Free

Online contests are better that others because you have the chance of more people joining because they don’t actually have to make any psychical effort except for typing in some words. In other cases, they have to go to a store, maybe even purchase something, then fill in some regular papers or coupons and then they have a chance at winning something. It’s much simpler when you do it at home, in front of your computer when all you have to do is click here and there and write some things and you’re good to go.


alka chaudhary on May 4, 2012 at 6:44 pm.

i would like to win laptop because my grandmother and father couldnot see a laptop before plzz give me plzzzzzzzz

thil on May 11, 2012 at 12:45 pm.

this is really cool.

jackie mata on June 3, 2012 at 7:26 am.

i want it because i don’t have money to buy it;(

eyob bisrat on August 15, 2012 at 2:34 pm.

i really need laptop badly for may education but i can not buy by my self…. believe me if i get one i can change my life

hania on August 26, 2012 at 3:25 pm.

i really need for a laptop so badly i don’t have money to buy so i hope to get it free

hania on August 26, 2012 at 3:26 pm.

please send me a laptop specification on my email: