Use BlackBerry Pearl as a Modem or Mac Notebooks

Smartphones have evolved big times and now they provide some of the best features, including connecting to the internet and browsing through e-mails and online environment. BlackBerry is one of the active manufacturers that seem very active, creating mobile phone for business use, but also for everyday consumers. In some occasions, the screen of the BlackBerry phones is kind of small and thus you are not able to navigate the web so freely. There is nothing to worry about, as you can use BlackBerry Pearl as a modem for Mac notebook for that matter.

The process is called tethering and it involves using the internet services on your phone, connect it to your notebook and benefit of browsing online. The cost involved depends on the data plan you have with your service provider, but that is customizable and another subject. So far, let’s see exactly what you need to do and manage a proper connection.


First of all, you have to run through the BlackBerry’s setup. Click on the BlackBerry button on your Pearl and go to Manage Connections when it shows up. Click on the activate Bluetooth option and if don’t have a name for your device; you can give it one with this occasion, so you will know when the connection is established with your specific phone and not other models that appear in the Bluetooth list. In the Manage Connections go to Options and set the Discoverable option to Yes. Now let’s move on to the Mac notebook setup. Go to System Preferences and then go to Bluetooth, Show Bluetooth status in the menu bar. After the icon appears in the menu bar, go to Set up Bluetooth device, then Mobile Phone when the menu appears and click on the BlackBerry phone icon. You have to enter the password consisted of 4 digits when it appears on the Mac and then enter the same passkey on your BlackBerry phone. There should be a checkbox next to the Access the Internet with your phone’s data connection on your notebook. Moreover, enter the Internet username, the password and the domain when prompted and in case you don’t know this kind of information, you can contact the tech support from your phone’s carrier. Go to Application- System Preferences- Network. When the menu appears, click the + icon and then Bluetooth option in the Interface box. Name the connection you have in the field below, enter the username, password and domain and the enter Research in Motion. Furthermore, click the option for the BlackBerry Pearl in the Model box and then select ignore dial tone when dialing, from the “Dial Mode” box. And that is all about you need to know to establish the internet connection. You can now browse the internet from your Mac notebook when you are not in a Wi-Fi area or when you just simply need to check something that is not possible from your BlackBerry phone. But don’t forget that you need a data plan from your service provider, so contact it in order to get more details.


No matter what, you have to admit that things have evolved greatly along the time and now you can actually use the two most important gadgets, mobile phone and notebook, in the same time. They can provide great alternatives and because they are compact and offer more features in one, you can surely count on them.

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