Toshiba Satellite P35-s609 Notebook

Toshiba Satelite p35-s609 notebook is a gaming system, packed with some goodies inside, what you need to experience your gaming skills all away to the end. The screen offers a 16:9 aspect ratio, which gives amazing view, exactly what you need to view movies and to play games, providing enough space and clarity to get only the best quality.

And it is a known fact that gaming systems aren’t designed to be so slick, slim and to offer a stylish look, more or less a brutal design (in a good way), rugged to be more precise. But let’s see more of the technical specifications inside, because this is the main area of interest in any gaming system. You should also be prepared to pay a bit extra, as these portable systems cost and in fact they are worth it, as long as you are going to use all the capabilities and features.



First of all, Toshiba Satelite p35-s609 notebook is designed to sit comfortably on your desk, not to be moved around so often, as the system is pretty large and on the heavy side as well. It weights 9.5lbs, so if you don’t buy some suitable carrying accessories, you will not stand a chance with it in your hands. The processor running the system is Intel Mobile Pentium 4, running at 3.2GHz speed. Thanks to the additional Hyper-Trading technology, it boosts performance while you are running several applications. You can be sure that gaming system are able to run the most intensive tasks on the market as well. As for the memory installed, there are 512MB< but the system can support up to 2GB DDR SDRAM. The hard drive stores 80GB of free space, so you can save all your games and applications directly on the system.



Moving on to the display, the unit has a 17” TFT Active Matrix screen, with a native resolution of 1440×900, widescreen as well. This is a very good thing, because a gaming system has to have a large display. You must be able to see all details and enjoy the capabilities of the system. A desktop replacement is meant to be big no matter what. This is why the laptop is not in the portable category. The graphics installed are ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 and there are a lot of external ports you can use: one USB, Ethernet, parallel port, S-video out, microphone and headphone ports and display and video outputs. Among other features, we can mention the power-on password, hard drive password and the security lock slot. It seems like security and business features are also an important aspect here and the notebook is ready to keep all your items safe and sound inside. The operating system is Microsoft XP Home Edition and of course, there is a lot of other software installed, but you can remove any if you feel they occupy your hard drive for nothing.



To conclude, the standard warranty is for one year for all parts and labor. You should also know there are other gaming systems you can search on the internet. Some of the recent models have reached high scores in Benchmark tests, but they will reach high scores in your pocket in the same time.

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