The iFold Stand for Notebooks from Matias

A few days ago I have presented you the new notebook cable stand called Fingers.
Today I will show you another utility but this time for the laptop.

The iFold Stand for Notebooks from Matias

It is portable stand specially designed by Matias, a Canadian company, with which you can raise the notebook at the height of a desktop monitor for a better comfort.

The material from which it is made is an acrylic of the highest grade, embedded with chromed zinc alloy hinges.

Its design is simple and same as with Fingers, it looks good on any desk, without to incommode your work.
The noise from the fan switching on is diminished because the air circulates underneath.

The iFold Stand for Notebooks from Matias

You can be sure that your notebook won’t slide on your desk because its pads are made from non-slip rubber material.
iFold has a folding mechanism that allows you to put it into a notebook bag.

The iFold stand costs $59.95 and can be ordered online from the US Apple Store or from the Canadian Apple Store.

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