Teaching Vocabulary on Notebooks

How things have evolved these days, no matter where you turn your head, you see gadgets and electronics everywhere and the thing is that not only adults are using them, but kids as well. Most of the times, they can handle these devices better than anyone, they can learn faster and they even add some tricks and can show you something unexpected at any time. Some of these modern technologies are used in the classroom as well, used for teaching children better.

Back in the days, we were just happy to have a computer in laboratories and play some games or use some programs to learn to type and draw tables and so, but now kids have these portable gadgets with them and instead of the classic notebooks with paper and pencils, they use the notebook computer and they can access everything from it.


Teaching vocabulary lexical notebook can be developed for children and you can see on the market those notebooks created for kids, having loaded only some interactive exercises on them and that is about it. They are different from the notebook computer, as they are not able to open browsers, navigate freely on the internet, and install their own games and so. They can just open the notebook and start resolving puzzles, having fun with interactive guides and so. Moreover, every parent can afford one, as these come at very reasonable prices and they will prepare the kid for more advanced technologies with which they will face later on. It is best to start at this age with something simpler and captivating, so that later on they will be prepared for more. Some argue about the influence of early technology in a kid’s life, but some are in favor, as it is one way to develop his/her skills and they can be very educational in the same time. For instance, Oregon Scientific PC Trainer 5 has a QWERTY keyboard, controls on the screen and perfect for 5-8 years old children, with more than 100 interesting games and for just around $50. Barbie and Spiderman notebook computers have the well-known design and are very suitable for little girls and boys. They will surely teach your child great games and exercise, put their minds to work and practice. If you a teacher, you also have to deal with these new technologies and learn how they work, so you can implement them with success in the classroom. If everyone comes with these device sin class and you are demanded to know how to capture students and children attention, you have to get in their world and mind and surprise them. The teacher that comes with innovative methods and interesting ideas is the one that will succeed in class and will have the higher satisfaction later on.


To conclude, teaching vocabulary lexical notebooks are useful in such ways in which you use them and according to their purposes. You should never exaggerate with anything, especially with computers and digital devices. They can put an end to your social life, even though they open the virtual one, but it doesn’t compare by all means.

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