Sony Vaio Wireless Laptop

When it comes to Sony Vaio laptops, they are all updated and packed with features to meet what users need these days. They are not designed to be budget and they are not reasonably priced, they are more destined to meet high end users and those looking for a fully packed portable system or desktop replacement. Wireless capabilities of a laptop computer are enabled and they give you the possibility to browse the internet freely in hot-spots, to get a wireless modem and travel everywhere and still get internet connection. Wi-Fi is one popular feature and not only laptops have it, but also mobile phones. Staying online today is very important and if we can’t live without gadgets, we can’t live without internet either. So if you are looking for a Sony Vaio wireless laptop, you can focus on any of the series presented by the company.

You will see Sony Vaio laptops structured depending on their purpose. For instance, the F series is designed to perform well when it comes to multimedia and it features a 16.4” display. The E series packs laptops from 15.5” to 17.3” and it has a style that is bound to come out in the crowd. EB series is welcomed on the market, as there can’t be too many laptops that look good and perform well in the same time. The optional keyboard skins do add some style and good looks. But it seems that Sony  didn’t upgrade the processors Intel Core i-series to the new editions and it is stuck to 2010 versions. This is not such a big problem, but it affects the battery life and you will surely sense the difference. Sony Vaio can surely be compared to Apple MacBook and because they are present in retail stores and they have representatives all over, no wonder why users feel attached to them.

Moreover, the S series comes with a more affordable price compared to more expensive lines. The light and thin design is a catch-on and the high resolution display, optional Blu-ray and AMD graphics will surely attract users from all over the place. They are mobile efficient and the screen sizes include 13.3” and 15.5” laptop, thus resulting in portability and ease of handling. The Z series of the company is designed to be expensive, including discrete graphics and Blu-ray and a docking station with its own set of ports. The laptop is high-end, sleek and powerful without doubt. It features only a 13.3” system, but considering you need to pay more than $2000 for a good configuration, not many will be open to the choice. If ultra-portability is what you desire and you want wireless connectivity to the internet to carry your laptop with you, then the Y series is more suitable. It features a 11.6” display and has a lightweight design. The battery life is not great, but there is mobile broadband offered, Bluetooth and wireless connectivity options.

Finally, let’s not pass Sony Vaio P series, which is the expensive mini laptop computer offered by Sony. The display has only 8” and the starting price is $899. It has the basic configuration of a mini laptop, it is lightweight and brings up a very eye-catching design thanks to the bright colors available. You can even store this laptop into your pocket or purse without hesitation.

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