Sony Battery Laptops

If there is no battery inside your Sony laptop computer, then the system will simply not work. If you are not sure if the battery inside the Sony laptop is working properly, you can check it easily when booting the computer. Just connect the battery to the laptop, plug the AC adapter in the wall socket and turn on the system and log into the operating system.

In the lower right corner of the screen, there is an icon with the battery status and you will see if your battery is currently charging or not. If you are afraid of getting lost without the laptop when the battery drains out, you can easily get an extra replacement battery and have it around, especially if you are travelling and you have no place to charge the Sony laptop. Also, it is useful once in a while to discharge the battery before recharging. It leads to maximum battery life when you power the system again.


Moreover, remember that a battery will not last forever and it comes a time when you have to replace it. Luckily, Sony sells laptop batteries that you can put inside your system to benefit from functionality and portability. You can find replacement batteries online, but make sure you buy them from a trusted seller. Batteries must be original, must come with a warranty and must be compatible with your Sony laptop. As long as it follows these rules, you can add the part in your shopping cart and purchase it. After you receive the battery for Sony laptop it is time for installing it. The process is very easy and can be done in a few steps, so no need to take it to a professional. Just place the laptop on a flat surface upside-down and hold the switch on the bottom to open or unlock in order to slide the switch. Use the depressed tab on the pack and lift the battery from the portable system. Insert the new battery and slide it diagonally, aligning it with the projections at the edge of the compartment. Lower it down until you hear the switch click and slide the battery switch back to the lock position. Use the AC adapter and plug the laptop in the outlet and allow it to charge fully. If you can wait, allow 12 hours for it to charge and then you will be enjoying the most out of the portability of a Sony laptop computer. The battery life also depends on the type of usage of a laptop, on the settings you make and how you maintain its condition. You can make some adjustments and you can enjoy a longer life. For instance, dim the brightness of the display as much as you can support and you will see the battery draining out slower than usual.


Also, don’t use your laptop only when plugged in a wall socket. Even though you have a large Sony that you don’t carry out of the house or office so much, you should take advantage of the battery and this way you will be sure that it will be available when the laptop is used freely, without any plugs or so. Go to Power Management settings and make the necessary adjustments so that the battery will use fewer resources. Nevertheless, the configuration of the laptop is very important and will affect the battery’s life.

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