Digital Storm Veloce Review

In the recent years, technology has been all about portability. Smaller gadgets are introduced every day with increasingly powerful specifications and functionalities. And the price of these devices is also coming increasingly closer to be affordable by many. Thus the dream of carrying powerful gaming machines along to any place a gamer wishes, has become a reality in the recent times. The Digital Storm Veloce is one such device, which has brought a powerful gaming laptop to a user, who desires a portable and yet powerful gaming machine.

Build And Design

The Digital Storm Veloce, is a compact but mighty machine which comes with a Clevo W230stp chassis, which is similar to many gaming laptops available in the market today. So pro-gamers can easily associate to the quality of the product. The laptop Lid has a beautiful Matte-black lid,  with the red Digital Storm logo placed proudly across it. It features an adjustable backlight on the machine which will be appreciated by gamers during their late night shooters and game competitions with their friends.

Features And Specifications

The Digital Storm Veloce, comes with a 13.3” screen which has a resolution power of full HD 1080p. Hence even though the size of the screen is comparatively small, the output resolution and clarity it offers is the best in the business. It comes with a powerful Intel I7 Quad Core Processor, with a processing speed of upto 3.4Ghz (6MB L2 cache memory). It also sports an 8Gb DDR3 internal memory, which makes it easier for the machine to run games, which require very high memory and processing speeds. Thus every game available in the market can be run beautifully and with ease on this machine.


The Digital Storm Veloce, comes with a state of the art NVIDIA GEForce GTX765M 2GB of graphic memory which supports NVIDIA Optimus. This powerful graphic card, bundled along with the excellent processor and system memory, makes this machine one of the most powerful gaming laptops available in the market. The Digital Storm Veloce offers 190 minutes of backup with its 6-cell 62Wh battery
It also has an in built hard drive of 500GB. Hence providing plenty of storage space, which is essential for a hardcore gamer.
The Digital Storm Veloce costs $1596.00 and is available for sale on the Digital Storm website.


The present generation of computers belongs to the power users. The heavy gamers need machines, which support immense system requirements, which are needed by the best games released these days. The Digital Storm Veloce is a compact, but very powerful gaming laptop or game-rig which will be immensely appreciated by the pro-gamers.

HP Envy dv6-7206tx Review

The HP Envy dv6-7206tx is the latest entry, in the high end range of laptops offered by Hewlett Packard. HP has always offered a good range of features, in the high end laptop market and the Envy dv6 is loaded with features, which will attract the users. The target audience is mostly the home or office users, who would need a balanced laptop equally for work and entertainment purposes.

Build And Design

HP is known to give a unique look to its laptops, which sets it apart from others in the market. The Envy dv6 is no exception and its design is a mix of sophistication and aggression, which is known to appeal to a wide range of consumers.
Unlike the previous laptops, HP has decided to go with the matte finish look for the Envy dv6. The brushed metal finish on the lid looks rich and brilliant. The color of the laptop, has been named Midnight Black. The silver frame running around the lid adds a dimension to its beautiful finish. The keyboard edges and the frame are glossy black, unlike the remaining frame. This helps in minimizing the cleaning and maintenance on the part of the user and helps in retaining the beauty for a longer time. The machine weighs a bulky 2.4Kg. But the weight is fair considering the large screen and the features offered by the machine.


Features And Specifications

Considering the cost of the machine which is INR 64000, the machine offers excellent specifications and features to the user. It is built with an Intel Core i7-3630QM quad core @ 2.4GHz clock speed. The machine also has a Nvidia GeForce GT630M (2GB) dedicated graphics card. Thus the machine has the capacity, to run high end games beautifully and with ease. The Envy dv6 offers a screen which is 15.6” in size and offers a resolution of 1366 x 768. The screen is not Full HD but nevertheless provides a crisp picture quality.
There is huge amount of storage space available on the Envy dv6 which is provided with a 1TB hard disk. It also comes with an optical drive for external media use.


The Envy dv6 proves its worth in the benchmarking tests which were performed. The i7 quad core processor performs excellent along with the NVIDIA GT630M dedicated graphics memory. The GT630M which has 2GB dedicated graphic memory can handle heavy games and heavy applications with ease. Lag or decreased performance is not seen. The battery gives a backup of 187 minutes which is great considering the power offered by the machine.



The HP Envy dv6 is ideal for a user base who are looking for a machine which boasts good performance along with affordable price range. The machine has a very capable mid-range graphics card which is capable of handling and running most of the games.. But the machine can be seen as an excellent balance between great performance and an everyday machine, and also as a rig that someone may use heavily for graphics or even a generous dose of graphically intense games.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y 500

The Lenovo IdeaPad Y 500 is a worthy competitor in the extremely competitive laptop market and is one of the best laptops offered by Lenovo in the price range of INR 70,000.It offers a host of features which balance the heavy usage needs and makes the laptop a decent gaming device, which is one of the first such devices offered by Lenovo with an impressive configuration at a decent price.


Build Quality

The Y500 boasts a beautifully finished aluminium lid with a brushed feel. The keyboard also boasts a similar touch and finishing for the system. It has a non glossy finish unlike its predecessors the Z500 or the Z580. This in turn will save the user the trouble to cloth and cover the laptop in order to maintain its glossy new look. The keyboard has a unique red backlight which gives it the look of a gaming laptop. The unique look of the speakers for the Y500 make you look twice.

The right spine of the system holds a USB port and the 3.5mm audio jack and also hosts the optical drive of the system.
The left spine holds two more USB ports, the HDMI out and the cooling vent which is also given a red tinge to it.

The IdeaPad Y500 with its subtle and yet understated design does mean that it can be used in a boardroom without getting any glares and equally comfortable in a teenager’s room, as a powerful gaming rig.



Features And Specifications

The Lenovo IdeaPad boasts an Intel Core i7-3632QM quad core @ 2.2GHz processor, which has an impressive performance and is future ready for most of the games and softwares, that a user might use on the machine. It has an inbuilt 8Gb DDR3 system memory, which provides ample space for the system to run resource heavy applications.

The Y500 has a 15.6” impressive 1080p Full HD display, which makes the laptop an impressive media center for its user. This is a specification that is still very rare, even among fairly expensive notebooks which are available in the Indian market today. Due to the high definition of the screen display, media displayed on it is a beauty to watch. The screen offers a maximum resolution of 1920*1080 pixels.

The Y500 comes loaded with an impressive NVIDIA GeForce GT650M (2GB) graphics memory. This is one of the best graphic cards offered by NVIDIA and is specially designed for heavy gaming. It provides seamless gaming experience for hardcore gamers. Also, this graphic card can be a boon for users who do heavy video editing and similar heavy memory work on the laptop.


The Y500 scores excellent in most of the benchmarking tests which were performed. This is due to the fact that it has a powerful i7 quad core processor along with the NVIDIA GT650M graphics card. The GT650M can clock speed upto 850Mhz which is the reason for the Y500 sporting a seamless gaming experience without any lag.




The Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 is targeted for the user who is a typical power user and will use the machine for a considerable amount of gaming or fairly intensive designing work that requires a Full HD display and exclusive graphics memory.

Samsung Powerful Touchscreen Notebook Named Series 7 Chronos

Samsung unveiled the new Series 7 Chronos at the latest CES 2013. From the very first look, this powerful incorporation of multimedia looks like a tough competitor to Mac Book Pro. This new notebook from Samsung has a fully high definition touchscreen operation. The key feature of course is the superb speed of this device. Because of the latest random access memory accelerator technology, the makers claim that the series 7 Chronos will have a boost in its speed by around 150 %.

Samsung Series 7

The speakers of this notebook are very easy to be heard even in a crowded room. (Samsung has used the JBL optimized speakers for this gadget). And if you think that the speakers are of supreme quality then you will be even happier with the display quality. You will get viewing angles as wide as 178 degrees and also a three hundred nit display. So all in all, the Series 7 Chronos is a pleasing experience to both eyes as well as the ears.

The looks of this device are charming as well! The body is made up of aluminum covering. With dimensions of 14.8 x 9.8 x 0.8 inches and weight of 5.3 pounds, this gadget is pretty light on the hands. Other hardware specifications are the presence of a i7 CPU (2.4 GHz Core), a one terabyte hard drive which will provide a lot of space for movies, songs, files, photos etc, and an AMD Radeon 8870 M.

This new notebook is definitely a looker. After the initial tests and reviews, we will get to know if it can live up to all the hype and anticipation.

Qualcomm StreamBoost Boost Up Network Connection

Nowadays, nobody has the time or the patience to wait for streaming of the movies, booting of the videos, and downloading of large files. Everyone wants the network to be fast and smooth. For that you need to use a router that boosts up of your network connection. The Qualcomm StreamBoost is a relief which is sure to satisfy your network worries.

Qualcomm StreamBoost

This router has a VIVE 802.11 ac chip from Qualcomm. The StreamBoost technology is effective to determine the bandwidth of the network once it identifies the device type you are using along with the network that you are accessing. With this router, there is no question of experiencing a lag while accessing the internet. The ready to release router known as Alienware was showed up for a test run recently by Qualcomm. The demonstration left us amazed with the router’s technology. The Qualcomm StreamBoost can distinctly identify the devices which are connected it. It can also successfully distinguish the programs that are being run on those devices. If you are playing an online game with the StreamBoost router and at the same time, your friend is booting a Youtube video, then the router will identify both the devices and analyze the programs being run on each device. It will then change the bandwidth of the network in such a way that the ‘real time’ programmed game gets a major part of the capability of the network and the booting Youtube video can work with the remaining bandwith. In fact, the StreamBoost is capable of decreasing the quality of the booting video so that the game does not experience any network problem or any type of lag.

The demonstration reveals the capacity of the Alienware router to single handedly manage the traffic for the devices which are running using the network. It not only identified the devices, but also accomplished a feat in determining the programs (Web connected) which were being run on them. The best part is that in spite of being connected to a considerable number of devices, the router allows playing online game with excellent network connection and sufficient speed. With possibly the minimum latency period for online games, the router offers satisfactory experience for all the gamers out there who have been struggling with failed networks and lags in their games.

The StreamBoost technology will be incorporated in the Alienware router. According to Qualcomm, this technology will also be seen in the Gaming Router 5000 by D-Link. These routers will be available in the market sometime next month. Well, we can hardly wait!