HP ENVY 17-3290NR 3D Gaming Laptop Review

The market leaders in computer manufacturing, are now producing laptops which are made to serve the sole purpose of gaming. Such machines are given the highest possible configurations, along with future ready hardware and the best screens possibly available in the market. However due to the extremely good configurations, the machines are priced heavily which being the only downside.

Now the HP Envy 17 adds another “dimension” to its gaming laptop with the HP Envy 17-3290NR 3D gaming laptops. It comes with state of the art 3D active shutter glasses which give the gamers the perfect tool to experience gaming in a whole new way.

Build And Design

Every gaming laptop has a special place in its owner’s heart. He flaunts the machine proudly. Keeping this in mind HP has worked hard on the machine and has given it an attractive style and look. HP Envy 17 sports an aluminum casing body with rich finish and a Neo black colored lid. The aluminum body makes the laptop sturdier without considerably increasing the weight of the machine. It also gives the machine, a sleek look and the gamer can flaunt it around happily.

Features And Specifications

The HP Envy 17 is a powerful machine which is capable of handling high performance games easily. It comes with a state of the art Intel 3rd Generation Core i7-3610QM @ 2.3Ghz Quad Core processor (6MB L3 cache). The CPU clocks at a Max Turbo Speed of 3.3Ghz. It has an 8 GB DDR3 SD RAM. The processor supports such features as Hyper Threading, Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 which give it an added edge. The heart of the machine’s gaming abilites is the AMD Radeon HD 7850 dedicated graphics card 1GB GDDR5 SDRAM. This powerful graphics card has an available memory of 5094 Mb and is the reason the system can process 2D as well as 3D graphics processing.


The HP Envy 17 is specifically designed for high performance advanced 3D gaming. It sports a 17.3” full HD(1920X1080 max resolution) display. This display features include Full HD 3D radiance infinity and Edge to Edge glass. These added features make the system 3D compatible and give it the edge over other systems. The AMD HD graphics card renders compelx 3 d images of games beautifully onto the screen ready to give an out of the world experience of gaming to the owner. The only drawback is not all the games in the market today feature full 3D graphics but the number of such games is increasing. The 3D shutter glasses are best available in the market.


Laptops which are made purely for gaming I.e gaming rigs are one of the most ambitious markets in the laptop industry. People who can afford highly priced and highly efficient machines are ready to pay extra for the future ready machines with all the latest features and additions available to them. The HP Envy 17 delivers in this scenario and gives the consumer a 3 D gaming laptop which is future ready for games which are increasingly providing graphically beautiful detailed game worlds for the gamer to explore and delve into.

Micromax Canvas Turbo Specifications Leaked.

Micromax is on the roll in the Indian market, releasing new products on the go and increasing the specifications and features offered, without increasing the price of the devices considerably. The Canvas phablet series is said to be the pioneer in the android phablet revolution, which was seen in the market in the recent times. Due to the highly affordable prices, along with the surprisingly amazing features offered by the devices, Micromax has now become a household brand name in India and continues to increase its presence further. Thus they have not only been able to keep the customer base they’ve earned, but increased it tremendously in a very little time span.

Now they’ve gone even further beyond anyone’s expectations and have surprised the Indian consumers as well as their own competititors. Micromax has been able to rope in the Hollywood veteran Hugh Jackman, to be their brand ambassador. Teasers of the new Micromax Canvas Turbo, which show Hugh Jackman with the device hit the internet a few days ago. This shows the market power and the brand name that Micromax has achieved, since its presence in the market increased due to their extremely popular low priced android devices.

The Canvas Turbo is rumoured to have a MediaTek MT6589T with a 1.5GHZ Quad core processor and also a 357 MHZ dedicated Graphic Processing Unit (GPU). It is also rumoured to have a 5 inch screen with Full HD(1920*1080) resolution, alongwith a 13 MP rear camera and also a 5MP front camera. The rear camera supports flash. The phone is also said to have dual sim support which is a standard with all Micromax Canvas series devices. The Canvas Turbo will be the most expensive device offered by Micromax till date and is expected to have a price tag between the range of 19-20,000.

Micromax Canvas 4(A210) review

The Canvas series, brought by Micromax into the Indian market, is the flagship product of Micromax. The company is riding the wave of success due to the Micromax Canvas2 A110 especially, which created a revolution in the Indian markets upon its release. The Canvas 4 is an upgrade on the previous Canvas phones in many ways and provides features, which astound the consumers as the price tag of the phone is very less compared to products of premium brands such as Apple or Samsung.

The Micromax Canvas 4 comes with a powerful 1.2Ghz Quad Core MediaTek MT6589 processor. It has a 5 inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with a 720*1080 HD resolution. The screen has an impressive picture quality, alongwith smooth and quick responsive screen. The phone has 1GB RAM, which helps it utilize the Quad Core processing perfectly and run high performance and heavy applications on the phone. Also, overall performance of the phone is smoother due to these high specifications. The Canvas 4 comes with Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean operating system. This is the latest version of the Android operating system available in the market and is loaded with all the latest features.

Build Quality And Design

The Micromax Canvas 4 has a built design, which is perfect for the phone to fit in the palm of the user. It has a plastic body with a glossy finish which is standard for mobiles in the budget price range. But nevertheless, it has a good build quality and feels durable to use. The device thickness is 8.9 millimeter, which is quite slim and sleek. The phone weighs a mere 158 gms, which feels average and doesn’t feel much heavy by the user, when he is using the device.

Display, Memory And Backup Specifications

The Micromax Canvas 4 has a 720p IPS LCD capacitive screen which gives a crisp and vibrant picture quality. It supports 5 point multi touch input and hence supports applications, which needs multi-touch points of more than 3. It comes bundled with a massive 16 GB of internal memory. Thus after the OS and the support softwares installations, still the user gets around 10 GB of memory to install the various apps and use the phone to its fullest capacity. This is a major update from the previous Canvas HD handset which had 4 GB of internal memory.It also can support upto 32 GB of expandable external memory, which gives plenty of memory space to the user.
The Canvas 4 provides descent battery backup of 9-10 hours. If we enable the gesture features of the phone then the battery consumption of the phone increases. But still the phone manages to get through the day without recharging it for moderate usage.
The Canvas 4 offers 5MP front camera and 13 MP primary camera. The camera has auto focus and gives good picture quality. The front camera is also very useful for HD video chatting and such uses.

Software Specifications And Performance

Like its predecessors, the Canvas 4 comes preloaded with the Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 sporting a stock U.I(User Interface) offered by Google. It does not have any personalised GUI offered by Micromax. But this works in favor of the phone as the stock UI is effective and easy to use.
Micromax has added a custom video player to the apps it offers with the phone. This video player offers good features to the user and is handy to use.
The Canvas 4 scores well in the benchmarking tests such as Quadrant and AnTuTu benchmarking tests.

Quadrant Benchmarking: 4020
AnTuTu: 13167
Multi-touch Support: Yes(5)

GPS, Media And Gaming.

The Micromax Canvas 4, due to its impressive configuration can handle games beautifully. It runs games like Subway Surfer, Angry Birds, etc. with ease. It can also run high graphics premium HD games provided by studios easily as well due to its 1GB ram memory and powerful processor. The speaker also has good sound quality and loudness. But as the speaker is placed on the lower back of the phone, its sound can be muffled when the phone is placed on a surface with its screen facing towards us. Thus due to the design choice, the sound quality might get reduced. The device lacks magnetic sensor but does provide GPS navigation and takes sometime to lock the GPS signal which is a problem persisting in the previous Canvas series phones as well. Nevertheless once GPS is locked it provides good navigation with all the features that the android maps application provides, with ease.


Micromax is the company to lookout for in the future. It is releasing a large number of models every year and constantly improving the specifications, as well as the build quality while keeping the prices as competitive as possible. The Canvas 4 proves that the Canvas series is one of the best available in the Indian market and the phone is definitely worth buying. The phone is offered at INR 17,999 which is a very good deal considering the features it offers.

Acer Aspire S7-392-6411

Acer is a key player in the laptop market and is known to design balanced machines for every type of user. In today’s market the ultrabooks have replaced the conventional bulky and heavier laptops. They are much slimmer and provide much greater performance compared to the laptops. The Acer Aspire S7 is the latest ultrabook and is one of the best the company has introduced to the market till date.

Build And Design

The Acer Aspire ultrabook is a slim, sleek machine which boasts the best features available in the market. The ultrabook is half inches (1.25cms) thick with an aluminum casing sporting a rich finish. The machine is light weight and very easy to travel with. The Aspire series is known for its elegant looks and the Acer Aspire S7 does not disappoint us in the same aspect. Acer also goes one step ahead of the competition and throws in a Corning Gorilla glass as the screen for the ultrabook. The Corning Gorilla glass is the industry standard for durable scratch resistant glass and hence has a long usable life. The ulltrabook weighs in a mere 1.1 kgs.

Features And Specifications

The Acer Aspire S7 blows the competition away by offering excellent features in the ultrabook. It has a touchscreen 13.3” which supports 10 point multi-touch. Hence it is logically possible to use each finger on both the hands of the user to work on the laptop effectively. It sports a full HD 1080p screen which gives crisp picture quality and excellent colors and supports a screen resolution of 1920*1080.
The machine has an Intel Core i5-4200U processor which clocks at 1.6 Ghz with 8 GB of RAM. It has the Intel HD Graphics 4400 onboard graphics memory which is utilized for graphical and media processing by the ultrabook. The machine comes bundled with 128 Gb of memory which is a bit on the lower side but still proves the machine useful for official work by a working professional.


One of the features of the Acer Aspire S7 that immediately grabs the attention of the user is that there is zero delay when the system wakes up from its sleep state. This almost instantaneous boot time means the machine becomes highly efficient as well as saves power when not being used. It provides a decent battery backup of 8 hours. Hence the user does not need to plug in the ultrabook often and the portability aspect of the ultrabook is improved furthermore.
It stands its ground in all the leading benchmarking tests and proves it is future ready. The machine has power capable of handling all the future requirements for atleast 5 years and is an excellent ultrabook to go for by a newbie.


Ultrabooks are here to stay. The small gets smaller, thin gets thinner but the computing power of the machine is always inversely proportional to its size. This equation is yet again proved correct by the ultrabooks and the Acer Aspire S7 is one of the reasons why a person needs to experience the technology of the future by using this machine.

Apple MacBook Air 13

Apple, the miracle of technology which Steve Jobs gave to the world, has been the favourite of premium users all over the world. Apple is known for its excellent build quality and premium features to its users which are not available to any other users. The MacBook Air 13 is a member of this exclusive Apple family of products and is a machine to look out for.

Build And Design

Apple is known for design elegance and sleek beauty. Every Apple product is a delight to look at and the Macbook Air 13 is no exception. It has the signature white colored body which gives it the exclusive look and adds to its beauty. It has an ultrathin aluminum casing which makes us wonder how a machine so slim can offer so much to the user. It is an ultraportable laptop and is very easy for the user to carry with him as the laptop weighs just 1.35kgs. The maximum height of the Macbook Air 13 is a mere 1.7cms. Thus it is one of the slimmest machines available in the market.

Features And Specifications

The Macbook Air comes with an Intel Core i5 1.3Ghz Dual Core processor which supports Turbo Boost upto 2.6Ghz (3MB shared L3 cache). It comes with 4 GB of LP DDR3 memory onboard the system. Macbook Air comes with an onboard Intel HD Graphics 5000 which can handle the graphic requirements of the machine with ease. It however cannot handle the heavy graphic applications if any. Macbook Air supports dual display and video mirroring. Thus it is a highly productive machine for those who need to work on multiple tasks. It also comes with a staggering 720p web camera which can be used for video conferencing and such other needs. It also has a multi touch trackpad which supports pinch, swipe, rotate, 3 finger swipe and such unconventional needs of the user.


The most exciting feature in the Macbook Air 13 is that it comes bundled with flash memory instead of the conventional hard drive. Flash memory is much faster than the conventional memory available in other machines. This means the read\write speeds on the machine are much faster than any other machine. Thus the 256GB flash memory is a premium feature available in the Macbook Air. Also the speciality of the Macbook Air is it provides an astounding 12 hours of backup and a standby time of upto 30 days which is one of the best in the market. Thus if you are going to be away from a power source for a long time, this is the machine you need to have.


Apple has created its own place at the top of the competition by providing top class products with features which make the user crave for more from the company. Apple is known to release updated products every year making ground breaking changes that make their competitors struggle to come at par with Apple. The Macbook Air 13 is an exciting product and is one of the premium ultracompact laptops available in the market.