Micromax Canvas HD review

Micromax is one of the fastest growing mobile companies and are the favourites of becoming one of the biggest mobile players in India in the next few years. It is known for its high quality low priced devices which have taken the Indian telecom market by storm. In a few years Micromax has risen to a company with over a 100 mobile phones in their portfolio. They have also forayed into the fields of television, internet modems. The Canvas HD is the third generation device in the flagship Canvas series launched by Micromax in 2011.

Build Quality And Design.

The Canvas series has always made the phones slimmer and better down the line and the Canvas HD being the 3rd phone in this series is no excepion. The Canvas HD sports a sleek glossy black body and has a rich feel to it when it is held in the hand. The Canvas HD is also considerably slimmer and lighter than its predecessors. The Canvas HD feels lighter due to the various hardware improvements which reduce its thickness and overall weight compared to the Micromax Canvas 2 A110. The battery of both the devices is the same.
The Canvas HD comes with a cover in its box itself which is attached to the back panel of the phone and is a very good accessory provided by the phone which isn’t needed to be bought by the user.

Display Memory And Backup Specifications.

The Micromax Canvas HD has as the name suggests, a powerful and impressive HD display which gives an excellent contrast and facilitates to beautifully displaying vibrant coloured images. The Canvas HD has an internal memory of 4Gb which is similar to the previous model and also supports an external memory card of capacity upto 32GB. The Canvas HD however comes with a powerful 1.2GHZ Quad core Mediatek processor which is also powered by 1GB of RAM. This power is double that of the Canvas 2 and is where the device scores the most. It can now support even high quality games and heavier applications due to this increased processing capacity. The Canvas HD has additional features such as light sensor, proximity sensor and accelerometers which give the smartphone an added edge over its predecessors.

Software Specifications and Performance

The Micromax Canvas HD comes packed with the Android Jelly Bean version 4.1.2. This is the latest iteration of the Android operating system. Hence the mobile has all the exciting features offered by Android inbuilt into the phone such as navigation, various internet application, etc.
The graphical user interface has not been tweaked by Micromax at all. Hence the stock GUI is seen in the device. The stock GUI is easy to use and fast and light on the memory and hence will be greatly appreciated by the consumers.
Canvas HD is bundled with a few default games the QuickOffice application and a few default Micromax applications. These apps aren’t very useful but can be appreciated by the customer nevertheless.
It scores well in various benchmarking applications such as AnTuTu benchmarking and the Quadrant benchmarking scores.

GPS Media And Gaming.

The Canvas HD comes with the default video and audio applications provided by Google in the Android operating system. Thus they provide good performance however many replacement apps are available on the Google Play market and thus the user has a wide variety of options for the same. The GPS navigation application I.e the Google Maps is also quickly responsive and provides accurate and helpful navigational instructions. The Micromax Canvas Hd supports all of the light games available on the market and also will definitely support many of the heavy premium games available for purchase on the app store. Thus the Canvas HD is a good choice if the user wishes to play high graphics games on it and doesn’t want to buy a very expensive high end phone.


Micromax has yet again delivered with providing us a Quad core mobile phone at an extremely low price. The Micromax Canvas HD is priced at INR 14,000 and has taken the Indian market by storm by becoming one of the fastest selling phones manufactured by Micromax. Anyone who wants a budget android smart phone should definitely go for it.

Sony VAIO Fit 15E (SVF15212SNB)

Sony is one of the biggest electronics manufacturers in the world. It has a portfolio of manufacturing a number of diverse types of electronic products. They are known for their quality and reliability in delivering great products. The Sony VAIO Fit 15E is the latest addition to the popular Sony VAIO family of laptops. As the name suggests it is one of the latest customizable laptops offered by Sony which are slim and lightweight, compared to the previous models offered by the Company. The Sony VAIO Fit 15E has a reputation of combining the features of a laptop and an ultrabook, to give the user the best of both worlds.

Build And Design

As the name suggests, Sony has trimmed down the design of this model in comparison to its previous bulky counterparts. Sony has come a long way in the VAIO series from a leather back heavy laptop, to this slim machine, which still offers excellent features and can compete with a lot of its counterparts, from the competitors of Sony. The Sony FIT 15E measures at 22.5 mm of thickness and hence is a slim machine. It weighs in at 2.4kg, which is respectable considering the configuration of this machine. It has a slim aluminum frame make and a stylish bezel with a glossy finish colored black.

Features And Specifications.

The Sony VAIO Fit 15E comes with an Intel Core i7-3537U processor which clocks in at 2Ghz. It also comes with 8GB of RAM. The Fit 15E comes packed with a dedicated Nvidia GeForce GT735M graphics card with 2 GB memory. Thus it can officially be termed as a gaming laptop and is capable of handling high graphics game easily due to its powerful configuration. It has a 15.6” screen which supports a maximum resolution upto 1920×1080. The screen supports a full HD picture quality of upto 1080p. This coupled with the graphical capabilites of the Nvidia GeForce graphics card helps the machine to be a worthy media centre as well as a game-rig.


The Sony VAIO Fit 15E is not branded by the company as a gaming laptop. But the powerful processor along with the huge dedicated graphics memory makes it a worthy machine to be considered for some heavy gaming, as the machine has the capability to do so. The i7 processor scores high in almost all the benchmarking tools results that were performed upon the machine.
The battery life of the machine claimed by the company is 5 hours and 20 minutes during moderate usage of the machine. This value will decrease or increase depending upon the processing done by the machine.


The VAIO series has been a long running series of laptops coming from the Sony franchisee. Sony is known to deliver good quality products at moderate price ranges and it does deliver again with the Sony VAIO Fit 15E SVF 15212. Any consumer looking for a machine with great performance and occasionally would like to use it for gaming should consider this machine as his personal choice.

Samsung Chromebook Series 3(XE303C12) Review.

Chromebooks are a revolutionary new product, which is the brainchild of the Internet search engine giant Google. They are personal computers, which specifically run the Chrome Operating system developed by Google. The first chromebook was announced in May 2011. The main difference between conventional laptops and a chromebook is that, the chromebook needs a compulsory internet connection. Also, most of the applications on the chromebook reside on the internet, instead of the traditional approach of installing them on the machine. The chromebook is a comparitively new product and presently is manufactured by Acer Inc. and Samsung. The Samsung Chromebook XE303C12 is the latest offering in this genre.

Build And Design.

The Samsung Chromebook XE303C12 consists of a plastic body which is of the typical silver color. This helps in keeping the weight of the Chromebook on the lower side. The Chromebook measures 11.5X8.6X0.9 inches. The weight of the machine is about 2.4 pounds or 1.088 Kg. Thus the Chromebook is lighter than its competitors available in the market. It consists of the Samsung and Chromebook logo on the lid of the machine which looks subtle.

Features And Specifications

The Chromebook is made for the sole purpose of being a machine, used specifically for office work over the internet. Hence it does not possess high performance hardware, as it would not be utilized that much. The Samsung Chromebook possesses a Samsung Exynos 5 Dual core processor, which clocks at 1.7 Ghz of processing speed. It has a 2 GB RAM and comes bundled with the Google Chrome operating system. No other system is to be used with the machine, as the name of the machine very well suggests. It contains a respectable 16 GB of SSD type hard drive memory. The memory is sufficient for official document storage, but is not ideal for storing larger files. The screen is 11.6 Inches in size and supports a maximum resolution of 1366×768. The Chromebook supports wi-fi as well as possesses the HDMI port and USB 3.0 compatible ports. It however lacks bluetooth support. It does not possess any dedicated graphics memory as it won’t be able to run performance heavy applications.


The Google Chrome Operating System consists of a minimalistic Graphical User Interface. The interface looks similar to the Google chrome web browser. As mentioned before the Chromebook is intended to be worked upon only with an online connection. The Chromebook provides very limited offline capabilites and will not be performing its functions without an internet connection. Due to this fact all applications such as Office Apps similar to Microsoft Office and such various tools are provided through the cloud. Thus the user logs into the services and uses the softwares online, without downloading or installing any content onto the machine. Due to this fact the Chromebook provides high performance and boasts a boot time of 8 seconds. Also due to the secure nature of the Google servers, google claims that no security software needs to be installed onto the machine for securing the data present on the machine.


The Samsung Chromebook is one of the fastest internet based Chromebooks which are very useful to the working class. The machine is an ideal contender for people looking for a quick convenient laptop which can handle everyday office applications with ease without the need of unnecessary software installations to worry about.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD review

In this age of technology, books are now available in two forms to the readers. In the physical form, it is much bulkier and needs manual use to be read. In the digital form, it is absolutely portable in a variety of forms and also can be clubbed with tools, provided with the different softwares, to give a much pleasant experience to the reader. Amazon realised this need of the average reader and developed the Kindle line of e-book readers for the same purpose. The Kindle Fire is a line of tablet computers updated from the previous Kindle e-book readers. The Kindle Fire HD is the latest offering in this series of tablets.

The Kindle Fire line of tablet computers, use the Fire OS which is an official variant of the Android Operating system developed by Amazon for the Kindle. The Fire OS 3.0 is an official “fork” of the Android OS 4.2.2. It has various added features, specific to help the e-book reading functions of the Kindle. They are targeted at increasing the battery life and providing better screen display for the e-books.

Build And Design

The Kindle Fire HD is made using high quality plastic, giving it a rich finish and feels light in weight in the hands of the user. The screen is covered by a bezel completely and no buttons or sensors are placed in the front of the screen, which may be used by the user. Front camera is placed at the top of the screen, when the tablet is held with the larger side as its base. The right edge of the Kindle Fire HD houses the volume rocker , power button and the headphone jack whereas the top edge has the microphone placed upon it.

Features And Specifications

The Kindle Fire HD comes in two screen sizes, namely 7” and 8.9” models. The Texas Instruments OMAP 4470 processor is used in the 8.9 inch model. It is a dual core processor which clocks at 1.5GHZ processing speed. The 8.9 inch screen has a resolution power of 1920X1200. The tablet is also powered by a dedicated GPU, the Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX544 which clocks at 299 MHZ for dedicated graphic processing. It also has a 1GB RAM and hence provides smooth functioning.


The Kindle Fire HD supports WiFi and cellular networks and hence can be used as a mobile device as well as a tablet for e-book reading. It supports bluetooth, has a storage capacity of upto 64 GB. The Kindle Fire HD has a massive 6000MaH battery housed in the device and is the reason for the great battery support that the device gives to the user. The 8.9 inches screen is huge and gives a great resolution for reading without straining the eyes of the owner. Also as the FireOS is a variant of Android, the Kindle Fire HD supports all the android apps available.


Kindle Fire HD is powered by features such as the Mayday button. This is basically the customer support service and the company provides a reply from the service to the customer within 15 seconds. It also has online services such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Cloud Storage, Amazon Silk and the Amazon Kindle Store.
Thus the Kindle Fire HD is one of the best e-book readers available in the market and is an absolute must have for book lovers.
The Kindle Fire HD is available at INR 16,000 at all the premium retailers.

Micromax- The Indian Success Story

Today almost every Indian has a mobile phone and uses it for various services which are no longer limited to just calling people. The Indian consumer is now growing to be a “smart user” who uses advanced features and uses advanced devices to make himself more productive. Mobile phones are also fast becoming one of the prime entertainment devices. Such services as Live TV have now made it possible for a person to enjoy entertainment content on the go at affordable prices. The young generation is hungry for newer devices and are always on the lookout for the best devices with the newest features.

Micromax was the brainchild of four friends, Rahul Sharma, Rajesh Aggarwal, Sumeet Arora And Vikas Jain. When the mobile phone arrived first in India it was a huge bulky device which was very expensive and only for the elite few. It had limited functionalities and the service providers offered their services for very expensive rates. Hence it was not at all for the common man. Nokia made the dream possible by first making mobile devices tailormade for the indian requirements. They also provided low cost devices with exciting features which wooed the common man.

Micromax recently has brought about a similar revolution and taken it several steps further by introducing and making smartphones available for the common man at excitingly affordable prices.
It has quickly risen from a new company not known to many, to one of the top mobile companies behind only Samsung and Apple in the Indian smartphone markets.

The Micromax success story lies behind the strategies implemented by the founders of the company which in turn influenced their meteoric rise in the market and surprising everyone. In times when Nokia went from the top mobile company to being bought out by Microsoft, Micromax has now started its growth towards becoming the market leader in Android based smart phones offering top notch features at extremely affordable prices targeted at the Indian niche.

Micromax took a well calculated risk when it began its operations in 2010. It decided to target the rural market at first. Thus the models which Micromax released at that time were such that they appealed only to the rural community rather than the tech savvy and modern urban community. Thus the models were Java based with simple yet useful apps installed. The main requirements of the rural market were very good battery life and dual sim capabilities. Micromax gave them both of these features at very low prices. Thus the consumers gave great response to the various Micromax mobiles released at that time. Micromax Q3,Q5, Q7 are examples of such models. These devices were within the price range of 2000-4000 and yet provided a lot of features compared to the price tag.

Thus the rural market provided the company with a consumer base which was stable and loyal to the company. There were many innovative phones produced by Micromax which proved to be popular. Such as the Micromax X1i Xtra which was a camera phone which had 30 day stand by battery back up. Micromax had collaberated with MTV to produce the MTV Music Phone X360. This was the first ever collaboration in India. The phone was powered by Yamaha and Wolfson amplifiers and also had a Multi Format Music Player. The Micromax Q3 was the first qwerty keypad mobile phone exclusively made for chatting.

After dominating the rural market Micromax now targeted the urban market. It started producing low cost android devices which also proved to be immensely popular in the market. Thus Micromax brought in the trend of low cost feature rich devices into the Indian market. The Canvas series which was first started with the device Micromax Canvas A 100, is now a flagship series in the Indian market. The Canvas series has around 12 models released and new models are released within regular intervals.

Thus a company which was started in 1999 as a web services company has now become a giant in the mobile industry which takes on brands such as Apple and Samsung. Micromax currently is the 2nd largest mobile manufacturer in India only behind Samsung.