Motorola Announces The Low Budget Smartphone-Moto G.

The Motorola Mobile business takeover by Google last year was perhaps the most talked about and important buyout of this year. The deal gave Google the power to manufacture its own devices as it had acquired one of the oldest and most experienced mobile manufacturers in the world.
Motorola had split its operations into two separate companies namely Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions. The Motorola Mobility was bought out by Google at a whooping 12.7 Billion dollars. In this buyout Google also became the new owner of all the patents and trademarks of the company.

Google now has declared the new Android smartphone from its Motorola stable which is targeted towards the middle class people who are not willing to shell out large amounts of money to buy a premium mobility device. This device will be powered by the exciting new and updated version of Android, the KitKat 4.4 which is already creating waves of excitement and curiosity in the mobile market already.
The specifications of the smartphone are declared by the company and are listed below:

1)Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Chipset.
2)1.2 Ghz Cortex A7 Quad core processor.
3)Android Jelly Bean v4.3( with a planned update of KitKat 4.4 in the future).
4)Adreno GPU 305.
5)Integrated Google Apps.
6)5 megapixel camera with autoflash HDR,etc.

The phone marks the entry of Google into the budget smartphone market in the world and the phone is to be launched in various markets all over the world including the US,Europe and various countries in Asia.

Google with its Nexus flagship models and now with the power of Motorola brand name and products on its side is sure to create ripples in the smartphone and tablet markets all over the world. The phone is priced at a mere 179$ which will be the cheapest offering by Motorola till date and is sure to get excellent demand and reviews after the launch of the device slated to be soon.


Asus Google Nexus 7 Review

By definition the term Nexus literally means the focal point or the centre of any group. On the same lines Google has always been the Nexus of the Android platform development and the production of Android devices as well. Android is Google’s brainchild and would not have been a reality without Google’s abilities to create a revolutionary product.
The Nexus 7” is Google’s new offering in the tablet market and is the latest offering of the company which was created as a collaboration between Google and Asus.

Build And Design.

Google Nexus 7 is a definite improvement over its predecessors and the user feels the change the moment he gets his hands on the device. The device is made lighter in weight and its dimensions are also reduced considerably. The dimensions of the Nexus 7 are 4.5×7.9×0.34 inches. Thus it has slimmed down quite a bit. Although compared to the iPAd Air there is a definite room for improvement and reduction in its size, but for those who do not mind a bit bulkiness in the product, the Nexus 7 is an absolute delight to own.
The back of the device contains the Nexus labelling engraved on the device alongwith the Asus brand name as well. The finishing of the device is rich and given a textured feel thus making it easier to handle.

Features And Specifications.

The Nexus 7 is the latest Google tablet released on the 30th of July 2013 in the market. Hence it has the best features that the company could offer. The old Nexus screen which had lesser resolution power is now replaced by an IPS LCD screen with the maximum resolution power of 1920×1200 pixels. This screen offers excellent viewing angles and is excellent in producing vibrant colors. The screen can be said to be the nearest or even beyond the trademark “Retina” display that Apple offers on the iPad family of tablet devices.
The tablet comes powered with a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad Core processor which clocks in at 1.5 Ghz of speed. It also comes with an internal storage of 16 GB. This large internal storage space is a great feature to have in a tablet that offers so many features. The camera on the device is a 5 Megapixel one and additionally it also has a 1.2 MP front facing camera for video calling features. The device has a huge battery of 3950 mAh capacity and gives a great battery life of about 450 minutes per complete recharge cycle.


The Asus Google Nexus 7 is already being dubbed as the best Nexus device available in the market today and also the best Android tablet for the price range that the Nexus 7 is being offered. The Android 4.3 operating system is the latest of the Jelly Bean flavour of Android and offers the best features available. Also, as the product is offered by Google the device is sure to get the latest update of Android the KitKat 4.4 at the earliest and even before than some devices available from different manufacturers in the market.
The camera on the device provides a 1080p resolution of recording and hence the picture and video quality captured by the camera is excellent in every way. The device has a 2 GB of RAM along with a Quad core processor which ensures that the device is going to butter smooth even while using heavy applications on the device.


With the release of the Android KitKat 4.4 the owner of a Nexus device is sure to get the goodies much earlier than any other from Google. Also the Nexus 7” being one of the best tablets available in the market, it will be an excellent time to get into the Nexus franchise and buy this excellent device to enjoy.

Toshiba Satellite C50-A-156 Review.

Toshiba is perhaps one of the oldest and most widely known electronics and computers company in the world. Toshiba is one of the biggest manufacturers of computer hardware components in the world. Toshiba is also a big player in the laptop and Ultrabooks market. The Toshiba C50-A-156 is the latest offering from the Satellite brand of machines manufactured by the company.

Build And Design.

The build quality of Toshiba C50 falls a bit below the general standards that Toshiba offers to its devices. It has a rather cheap feeling plastic body. The chassis seen in the machine build is alos not very impressive and feels a bit bulky but nonetheless sturdy or wellmade. Toshiba has opted for a matte finish to the body of the machine instead of the glazy ones which means the machine is not over reflective or does not feel like a mirror but is the standard laptop with a standard and yet somehow under achieving look. Hence overall it can be concluded that the machine does not have a suave or impressive look but nevertheless it is not bad compared to the price band that the machine falls into.

Features And Specifications.

The Toshiba C50 Satellite is powered by a 3rd generation Intel Quad Core i3-3120M which clocks in at 2.5 Ghz. The machins has a 4GB or RAM and it has the necessary hardware support to be able to upgrade this system memory upto the 16 GB mark. The machine has the typical on-board intel powered HD Graphics 4000 GPU. It provides medium performance in graphics heavy processing and the absence of a dedicated GPU in the machine is felt when the user tries to run heavy games on this machine.
The Laptop has a 1 TB hard drive space which is a huge repository that the user gets to save tremendous amounts of data and large amounts of media and games onto the machine. The screen sports a 15.6 inch screen with a maximum display size of 1366×768 pixels of resolution. However the screen has surprisingly good picture quality compared to its power.


The machine has a huge hard drive but is unable to perform well under graphically heavy circumstances I.e while running a high graphics game or playing rich 3D quality HD video or Blu Ray quality video. The processor performs fine and is a good choice for a consumer who is not looking for any heavy use of the machine. The Windows 8 bundled with the machine does improve the use of the available system resources. However the machine is an average performer under heavy memory and processing requirements.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus- Review.


Ultrabooks are the new laptops and are increasingly used by users of various genres. Even though they have some limitations as of now, the ultrabooks are here to stay and even have the potential to replace the laptops from the conventional market of portable computers, which is now vital in every industry. The Samsung ATIV Book 9 plus is one of the best ultrabooks available today and is an absolute joy for any user to own such a fabulous machine for their personal use.

Build And Design.

The ATIV 9 plus has been designed to perfection by Samsung and is reflected by the look of the machine. The keyboard is designed so as to keep every key separate instead of the spread of keys together on one single board as on conventional laptops. The keyboard also comes with a backlight which is powerful enough to work under low light conditions. The machine is made from an aluminum chassis and is covered with the color paint on this metal layer, giving the machine a premium look and feel and also not increasing the weight of the ultrabook considerably. These design points are crucial for any ultrabook and Samsung scores well. The laptop hinges are allowed to open up a little beyond 90 degrees which help in preventing the users from getting neck aches and help easy use of the machine.

Features And Specifications.

The machine comes with a future ready fourth generation Intel Core i5-4200U Quad core processor which clocks at 1.6 Ghz. It comes with a 4 GB RAM and also has an onboard Intel HD Graphics 4400 dedicated graphics memory. The standout feature of the machine is its 13.3 inches QUAD HD screen which boasts an impressive resolution of 3200×1800 which is the best that is available. Picture quality is a delight to watch and the screen also comes with 10 touch support thus proving itself to be the best touchscreen that any Ultrabook could dream of possessing.
The machine comes with a solid state drive (SSD) of 128 GB capacity. The costly SSD has less storage capacity but increases the speed of processing of the machine by manifold.


The Samsung ATIV 9 Book plus is a performance behemoth and is one of the best performing machines that money can buy presently. The fourth generation processor is one of the best there is and gives the machine a smooth performance which is complemented by the 4GB of dedicated system memory. The machine has excellent battery backup and gives an amazing 490 minutes of battery backup. It is the best machine to have when commuting or when away from power source to charge your machine. The full HD screen can handle pictures with fantastic results that make us stop and see the beauty of its resolution. The ten point multi touch screen is really a great advantage to the machine and is a must have feature if price is not a thing to worry about.


The Samsung ultrabooks are always critically approved and one of the best selling machines in the ultrabook market. However the ATIV Book 9 Plus is a force to reckon and is one of the most critically acclaimed machine made by Samsung. It is near perfect from all aspects and is competing with the Apple Macbook giving it a tough time in the ultrabook market. Samsung ATIV Book 9 is available for 1399.99$ at all the major stores.

The Latest Android Is Out : Android 4.4 “KitKat”.

This year the iOS 7 was a sensation and the newly released iPhone 5S and 5C were met with great acclaim by the fanbase of Apple and even newer users who were not using iPhone devices before. However now the release of Android KitKat marks an even bigger and exciting release of perhaps the biggest mobile platform that the world is using presently. The Android platform is the biggest platform presently and boasts around 82% of the total marketshare.

The entire world was surprised when two seemingly unrelated companies joined together in a unique collaboration to bring us the latest version of Android, which was to be named as the Android Kitkat. This version was previously dubbed to be named as Key Lime Pie and the version was supposed to be 5.0. But Google tied up with Nestle to bring us a sweet surprise in the form of Android KitKat 4.4. This collaboration has proved fruitful for both the companies and the KitKat brand has become extremely successful, a feat which Nestle could never have performed on its own using any marketing strategy possible to use.

Android KitKat brings with it a bunch of new features which assure us that it is the best Android yet and certainly will be a huge competitor to the proprietary closed sourced iOS operating system.

The various additions and its details are discussed below:

1) Screen recording support: KitKat now has this exciting feature which allows users to actually record the activity that they perform on the screen. Previously Jelly Bean had already added support to take screenshots, now a video file will be created recording the events which are happening on the screen of the Android device.

2)Improved Photo Editing Capabilities: The Gallery App also acts as an inbuilt photo editing tool which now gives improved capabilites and added features to edit the photographs captured through the camera of the Android device. Thus Android now has a powerful inbuilt photo editor and can be used to make pictures even more beautiful and attractive.

3)Better Music Player: Android Music player has now been redesigned so as to use lesser battery and let the user enjoy much more music than they used to be able to do before. Users can also change songs and play\pause the media on the lock screen itself, giving them more ease and control over the media playback functionalities.

4)Loudness Enhancing Capability: Android now gives the user the power to increase or decrease the loudness during phone calls or recording sound on the Android phone. This is a very powerful feature which helps the user communicate on a call easily in loud noise areas. This feature was previously introduced by Samsung in their phones but now it is offered by Google in their own stock android version.

5)Multiple Home Screens: Just like the multiple desktops that we see on desktops these days, Android 4.4 has introduced multiple home screens allowing users to have multiple, uniquely designed home screens with varying icons, according to their own choices and needs.

6)Hands free Voice Control: You can simply wake up the Android device by saying Hello Google. The user can then “talk” with the device asking it to perform various tasks for the user without physically touching the phone in this entire process. This is a future ready approach and an excellent feature which is added in the KitKat 4.4.

7)Enhanced Caller Identification: Applications such as True Caller were widely used to know caller identification of unknown users until now. Google has introduced the same feature into Kitkat which uses Google search and its capabilities to find the identification of the caller thus improving the service manifold.

8) Emoji Support Added: The Emoji or smileys or the emoticons, which they are called lovingly, are supported by default in the Android OS environment. The default keyboard of this version will have Emoticon support.

9)Improved Default Keyboard : The default keyboard of Android is now smarter faster and supports many added features. It now supports the gesture based typing, in which the user just needs to swipe his finger over the alphabets to create the word that he desires to type. This feature was previously offered by only premium apps in the Google Market which the user needed to purchase additionally.

10)Sandboxing Approach: Every application that is run on the Android 4.4 runs in its own sandbox and is not affecting the kernel of Android in anyway. This helps in increasing the security aspect of the platform to a whole new level and helps in making the applications to run in a secure manner.

Android KitKat is presently available only for Google exclusive devices, namely the Google Nexus 5 and 7 models only. This is in tradition with the preferential rollout of the Android versions for Google devices compared to devices of its competitors. But nevertheless it will soon be available for other devices as well. Android KitKat is already being called the best Android version till date due to its reduced memory footprint and superior features added by Google. The latest Android is definitely an eye candy and will be met with widespread acclaim and excellent market demand.