Notebook Security

The notebook’s security is very important and it is also important to settle it from the start. It does not matter if we are referring to security as software or security as protecting the notebook from damages, physically. A notebook is attractive to anyone, we all want to be able to manage computing tasks on the go, enjoy the internet and media wherever we are.

But this is the thing, not only us enjoy it, but also thieves and you have to improve your notebook security with every possible measure. As we are dealing with portability, it can happen at any time to accidentally drop your notebook computer or get it scratched; so your number one priority should be securing your system.


What you need in the first place is an antivirus program and a protective case. You can download and buy a lot of great antivirus programs and they will offer different protection for your notebook, against viruses, malware, and internet security and so on. Among the best such software we can note Kasperski, BitDefender, Norton and if you don’t want to pay for any of them, you can choose to free download AVG antivirus or AVIRA anti-malware. Your computer will be protected from viruses and when downloading data, you will not face the possible programs that steal your personal information and password. Even though most of the notebooks these days come with Windows 7 and therefore there are fewer viruses known for this operating system, it is best to just protect than regret later on. No matter what, get a protective notebook case to store your system. If you are travelling and you are afraid of someone stealing your system, you should get a locked notebook case. The padding inside will protect the surface of your computer and if accidentally you drop the case or more it aggressively, it will avoid damage. A hard case will always be harder to open and if you really want to distract attention, you can get those notebook backpacks instead. A proper note book case says clearly that you have a computer inside, but a backpack can store other items as well, clothes, some personal belongings, books and so on. no matter what, be very vigilant when you travel. Don’t let the notebook case out of your sight, because you never know when someone can take it away from you without even noticing. If you want more internal security, software-based that is, then protect your system with a security. Windows provides basic security protection, so that no one unauthorized accessed your data, but you can also choose a third-party program and increase it.


To conclude, write down the serial number of your notebook computer, so you can recover it in case of theft. There are also a lot of programs out there that monitories your notebook and in case you don’t have with you, they track it down, establish its location and help you get your hands on it. When dealing with gadgets and technologies, it is best to keep an eye on everything, because you can never know when someone can benefit of your distraction and just steal your computer away from you. The same thing can happen in the virtual world, because the information you have inside is as important as the notebook itself.

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