Notebook Battery

Notebooks are portable computers that you can carry along with you and benefit of what technology offers these days. But in order to enjoy a longer period on your notebook computer, you have to keep in mind that the battery is very important. This component inside is influenced by the processor and the rest of the configuration, plus the size of the display, the resolution and so. Just think this way, the higher the resources a notebook needs to function and the higher the brightness, the lower the battery will be. But in case the notebook’s processor has that smart battery saving technology and feature, you are lucky as you will get extra life and more portability, meaning you can stay unplugged for longer than usually.

There are different types of batteries, with many or fewer cells inside, but the higher cells, the more weight for the battery and thus a heavier notebook computer. When you customize a notebook, just before you add it in your cart, you are given the chance to select from certain type of notebook batteries. If you plan on staying a lot outside the house and you need a system for travelling, you should get the battery with higher cells. But this is available only if you buy the notebook directly from the manufacturer, where customization is allowed.


Moreover, a notebook’s battery is not designed to last for a lifetime, in some cases it holds for about a year and sometimes longer, but nevertheless, in time it deteriorates and you will be forced to get a replacement. But there are always some tips and tricks you can try to preserve the battery inside your notebook for a longer time. One thing you should know: it is best to leave the battery inside the computer, because if you remove it, afterwards it will be harder to recharge it to its full potential. If you use your system mostly at home, on your desk and so, don’t leave it with the AC adapter and plugged in the power source. You should leave the notebook use the battery on its own. Just use the notebook unplugged and only when it is discharging, plug it in a power source. Because when it is time to go out, you will see that you will not get the most out of your battery. Indeed, discharging a Lithium Ion battery completely is not advised, not even by the manufacturer, so do not do it. However, you can discharge the battery to about 40% and then you can charge it, this will lead to an optimal and full recharge in the future. Also, do not use your notebook in a humid place or at high temperatures. Overheating is a difficult matter and in order to maintain a cool temperature of your notebook, you should consider a cooling pad. Such products are available online and in retail stores at some fairly decent prices. They come with extra fans and they will improve the air circulation, thus preventing your notebook to shut down for no reason or internal parts to damage.


Finally, dim the screen’s brightness as much as you can, use hibernate mode when you are not using your notebook and make use of the power saver settings on your computer. These will contribute and will make the most out of your notebook’s battery.

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