NEC VERSA N1100 Mini Notebook Computers with Windows XP

By releasing the VERSA N1100 series, NEC wants to provide its customers with a useful netbook for wireless Internet navigation and communication, and a second computer solution in addition to their main system.

The new mini notebook computers with Windows XP running with the low-power consuming Intel Atom N270 processor, are ideal for finishing your work on the go, read and compose emails, check the latest news online and chat via instant messaging applications. Windows Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition has a great user interface with enhanced accessibility features, while the computer’s 8.9-inch widescreen LCD display offers a good resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

It is stylish, sporting a glossy piano black finish, and measures 250 x 176.5 x 31.3 mm at 1.17Kg, but even if it looks fragile, NEC VERSA N1100 can support up to 150Kgf pressure.

In addition to durability, the mini laptop computers feature 160GB hard disk drive for high data capacity, integrated wireless module, built-in 1.3MP camera for web video conferences, and USB charging function when the laptop of Off, so that you can recharge your cell phone, MP3 player or other mobile handsets anytime you need.

The keyboard offers ergonomics via the 17mm keypitch/2mm key stroke and there’s also the Gesture support for the touchpad.
NEC VERSA N1100 was released yesterday in Japan, while other countries will receive it starting mid November.

“NetBook market is now rapidly growing because of the worldwide price point. But some of customers are disappointed because of their limited capability for PC application and ease of use. NEC believes that NetBook should not just be a gadget, but a tool to enhance customer’s digital life. NEC is developing NetBook market for 2nd PC usage with its new model, NEC VERSA N1100. This model is developed by our Japan parent company, NEC Personal Products based on their experience, maintaining the No.1 position for more than 10 years in Japan market” said Mr. Makoto Iwasaki, Executive Marketing Director of NEC Computer Asia Pacific.

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