MSI VR220 YA Edition of Colored Laptop Computers

When I enter an electronics shop in searching for some new device that would fit my home network I always tend to look for various aspects including the size and color. Even if most of our gadgets today are black or metallic silver, I think it’s cool to add color where it fits and one example of computer system that has become popular by coming in different color options is the laptop.

People use to keep working on their old laptops because they are reliable and users got used with their features. As you can’t find many brands providing colored laptop computers, many of us try to customize the computer’s appearance by contacting specialized firms.

VAIO CS models are a good example of style and elegance when it comes to colored laptop computers, but now we have the possibility to look for another popular brand’s models as well. MSI launched today its VR220 YA Edition consisting of three new colored laptop computers coming in Denim Blue, Coral Pink and WASABI Green, with the interior in a lighter shade than the external surface.

Instead of the mirror finish, satin look, metallic reflections or matte paint, MSI VR220 YA Edition uses fluorescent paint on the exterior of the notebooks to make them look more attractive and light, matching the systems’ weight of 1.8Kg with the battery.
Inside the 12.2-inch computers we find the Intel Dual-Core or Celeron processing technology, large memory space, 3-in-1 card reader, wireless N support, Bluetooth, and a DVD burner.

The ECO Engine Power Management System allows you to switch between 5 operating modes, according to your current tasks, and save battery power. You can choose between the Gaming mode, Movie mode, Presentation mode, Office mode, and Turbo Battery mode.

Featuring the Amazing Crystal Vision technology, the display shows clear images and vivid colors without disturbing your vision during long hours of work or entertainment.

Talking about entertainment, we need to mention the built-in 1.3MP web camera for video conferences, and the integrated DTV receiver for watching and recording live digital TV shows.
Internal components include up to 4GB memory, shared graphics memory, 3 USB ports, and up to 320GB hard drive.
MSI VR220 YA Edition laptops’ price was not yet unveiled.

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