Mitsubishi 3D Touch Screen

I don’t know about you, but most touch screens I’ve crossed my path with so far weren’t extremely sensitive. In fact, I managed to draw the conclusion that some of them simply didn’t care about me, if I can put it this way. Well, I guess some touch screens could easily be used as “kick screens,” but not for too long, anyway. The good news is that Mitsubishi managed to come up with something I would really like to experience one-on-one: the 3D touch screen!

Mitsubishi 3D Touch Screen
While 3D motion tracking isn’t such big news, doing it by using a single panel, that surely is! Just think about the fact that you have a 3D touch screen, and no extra cameras, sensors, or another “trick.”


Even more, Mitsubishi’s 3D touch screen seems to have a very high level of precision, being able to measure the distance to your finger in steps of about .08mm, up to a distance of 20mm, also guessing its approach speed. Considering its short range, Mitsubishi says this tech will be most useful for mobile devices, but I would also think about having such a 3D touch screen in netbooks.

Taking it all a few steps further, I think even full-fledged laptops could take advantage of a 3D touch screen. Could you imagine such a thing like virtual sculptures, where you’re actually molding air with the help of such a 3D touch screen? :)

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