Linux Software for Acer Notebooks

All notebook computers come with operating systems installed. The most used ones of them all are Windows and Macintosh. Windows is globally used, whereas Macintosh is available only for Apple laptops and developed by Apple. But in case you want a change and you want a free operating system on your notebook, so you don’t have to bother paying license or anything, you can have Linux instead. The software is available for free online and actually there are more versions available by Linux, the most used and popular one being Ubuntu. But you can see screenshots of the ones available and choose your next OS for your notebook computer.

As already said, Linux software for Acer notebook is available freely, so all it remains is running the OS. As Acer is specialized in designing budget portable systems, most of the computers don’t come with high-end components and features, so Linux works better than Windows, as it requires the minimum configuration. Running Linux is different than installing, because there are no changes made to your Acer notebook this way. You will need a CD/DVD burner drive and a blank CD or DVD. First of all, go online and find a version of Linux for you to download. After the downloading part (the file will be .iso) you have to burn it on a CD or DVD. You can give the disc a name and let Windows create the Linux CD. After that, leave the disc in the drive and restart the notebook. When the message “press any key to boot from CD” appears, press the space bar and select from the options given “Run or Install Linux” and the location you want. After that, you will be able to run the new operating system on your computer without any problems.


In case you have a mini notebook from Acer and you want to install Linux over Windows, then follow the instructions below. As mini notebooks don’t have an optical drive, you can’t create a CD and you can’t boot from CD, so you will use an USB CD-ROM instead. Turn the netbook off and connect it to the external CD-ROM via USB. Be sure you have the Linux CD ready and power on the mini notebook and insert the CD in the optical drive and press F12 key several times to open the boot menu. After you select the drive from where the disc to boot, Linux will begin its installation. Some instructions will appear on the screen and after you finished, you have to select the Acer’s internal hard drive as the destination. Depending on the Linux version you choose, the installation will last differently. When you got it done with everything, restart the computer and launch the new Linux operating system.


Linux is a good alternative to your notebook computer and you can see from the pictures in the article even and more online, that it also looks good and has a very neat interface, similar to Windows. Don’t forget that it is also free, easy to install and does not require lot of resources, such as Windows. In no time, you will be facing a new experience right on your notebook computer.

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