Laser Engraved Notebooks

Epilog Laser is one of the companies that provide laser engraving machines, and it is located in Golden, Colorado since 1988, which specialized in this sector starting with CO2 laser systems that can cut and engrave into wood, acrylic and plastic, and evolving to fiber laser that marks on metals like titanium, steel, aluminum, carbide, brass and alloys.
Laser Engraved Notebooks
It became a leader in the notebook engraving industry providing the right tools and instructions so the customers can do it by themselves.
For example with a laser system from Epilog you can engrave any image you want on your notebook and even on the MacBook Air.

You could consider it a better choice than adding Swarovski crystals or skins as you might remove it from the position of the thinnest notebook in the world.

Swarovski crystals Laser Engraved Notebooks

Epilog’s process is simple consisting in three steps: inserting the notebook into the system, scanning the image you want and printing it to the laser, just like any printer.

Apple Skin Laser Engraved Notebooks

The company also gives you some cool ideas of what to engrave on your companion, in case you are out of inspiration.
If we talk about the technical aspects we have to mention the image detail of 1200 dots per inch, and its capability to adjust how deep to print into the material depending on your settings of speed and power.

Laser Engraved Notebooks

Such a system starts at a price of $10,000 for the 18 x 12 inches version called Epilog Mini 18 with 25 Watts power, while there are other models available each matching your needs.

Laser Engraved Notebook 

Check the pictures from the article and tell us which model would you prefer for your laptop.

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