Laptops under $350

<p>If you are running on a low budget but still desire a <strong>laptop</strong> you should be glad to hear that they are affordable and can be found <strong>under</strong> <strong>$350</strong>. This is true and you should believe it.

Laptops are in fact expensive and not anyone can afford them but with special prices and discounts made you can get yourself a good portable system at a very reasonable price. And the good thing is that they are new and not refurbished so you can have your very one brand new <strong>laptop</strong> in your hands for just s small price.

The first places you should check out for special price cuts are Amazon and Wal-Mart. They have special day discounts, for example Wal-Mart offers limited quantities of Compaq Presario cq60 laptop for just $298. The fact that it is cheap does not mean it has low-performance. You can decide yourself by judging the Advanced Micro Devices’ Sempron SI-42 processor, Windows Vista as operating system, 15.6” High Definition with BrightView technology, 3GB of RAM included and a 160GB hard drive. It also has a DVD-RW and integrated Nvidia’s GeForce 8200M. What more can you ask for this price? Great performance, big screen with great image quality, ability of making your own DVDs and don’t forget about the glossy black finish that gives it that specific and elegant design.

BestBuy also comes with a good offer, an Acer laptop with 15.6” display at $299. This laptop has good features also, 2GB of RAM, Windows Vista, AMD Athlon processor and 160Gb hard drive. As you can see these systems are not even owned by people who paid a lot more for their actual laptops, so you must not miss the offers. Wal-Mart also specified that they will include other brands of laptops and notebooks in the discount section for limited time. Other laptops that come <strong>under $350</strong> are ASUS Eee PC, HP Mini 210-1010NR, Acer Aspire One, Dell Inspiron Mini, Toshiba Mini 300 Series, Gateway, Lenovo IdeaPad, and many other models from HP, Compaq Presario. And you must admit that these companies offer good and reliable products which are recognized all around the world.

It is a great thing they do, providing systems for everyone. And these days a <strong>laptop</strong> is a must not really just a plain caprice. Everyone connects to the internet and it is cheaper to talk with friends and family over the internet, maybe you wouldn’t afford to pay the enormous telephone bills, but in this way you get a bonus, you can see them on the webcam and thus staying always in touch and connected. What is more you can take the <strong>laptop</strong> anywhere with you, do your school projects, maybe you have an online job and you always need to stay informed with the latest news, or just want to relax anywhere while watching a movie, reading an online book, playing games and so on. It has so many benefits and these companies offering cheap products and making considerate discounts should be awarded and taken into view as they do a good thing for the market.

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