Laptops Under 100 Dollars

<p>Believe it or not there are some <strong>laptops</strong> <strong>under 100 dollars</strong> but the thing is that they are not new. And you can’t expect to find a new laptop for <strong>under $100</strong> as only one part might cost that much. But refurbished or used laptops are ok too if you really don’t have the money.

You can find new laptops but for more than $200 or $300. Some of the important companies offer systems at such prices (like Dell, Compaq Presario, Hp, and Acer). If you some hundred more to spear you can look up at Wal-Mart on their special Black Friday when they offer portable systems at some major discounts.

Usually systems that are put on discounts are the ones that don’t sell that good, or the ones newly introduced on the market in order to get them familiarized to consumers. But you will have to hurry up as the offer is limited. Wal-Mart though promises to keep laptops coming at these low prices so each time you are around check out and see if the model you are wanting for so long is not on sale.

Now back to our <strong>$100 laptops</strong>, the ones that are at this price are the ones especially designed for developing countries through educational programs. They are a bit rudimentary and made from refurbished parts but they still do the job. If you are located in such a country you should go and get interested in such a program and see if you are not on the list.

Furthermore you can find a <strong>refurbished</strong> or <strong>used</strong> <strong>laptop</strong> at a cheap price. The difference between refurbished and used is that on refurbished laptops you still receive a warranty and you get them from the company provider. As for the used ones, there is a slight chance for you to get a warranty as the product is not new anymore and someone else has used it before.

You might get lucky and find one that has been taken care of and kept in good conditions and with all the original parts in. but there are some who have changed the parts and might have overpowered the system so the processor might be a bit overused. It is best to speak directly with the seller and see the laptop with your own eyes and even power it to see how it works. But be cheap but they are still money and you don’t want to throw them away on garbage. In that case you can wait a bit get some more money and get a new system. For example the Compaq Presario cq60 can be found at $299 and it is a very good system with good parts in it.

So if you are looking for a very <strong>cheap</strong> <strong>laptop</strong> you can take into account these steps in order to find one, but you will come to the conclusion that the new ones aren’t that expensive anymore and if you look around closely they offer discounts even 20-30% off and free shipping so you can get a bargain with a brand new system and not a used/refurbished one that maybe won’t see tomorrow coming.

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