Laptop Wireless Internet Connections

It is very well known that wireless Internet is one of the technologies designed to make our life easier. But what do we know about wireless Internet connection? We absolutely know that it’s about having internet access in an certain area, without being obliged of staying in a fixed place. If we dont’t want to have cables all around us at home, or at office, then wireless is our solution.

Wireless Internet access is usually created to serve people with laptops, but not only. We call it easier having a laptop, but usually wireless areas are created for both desktop or laptop computers. Having internet on an desktop means having a receiver that we call it wireless adapter. His strength should depend on how far you are from the wireless hot spot. If you are lucky enough to be located very close to a WiFi hotspot, like a pub or a coffee shop, and your receiver’s strength fits the distance, you may be able to use their network and have internet on your desktop.

But what about laptop wireless Internet access? Is it different? Well … not quite. Laptop wireless internet access has practically the same connection.  A wireless connection has necessarily to contain an PC server, wireless router broadband and his adapters (USB-LAN wireless).


A router is a   device whose software and hardware are designed for transmitting information. A server is a computer created to provide services for clients.Wireless equipment works, usually in two ways: AP (access point) and client. With their original antennas, they go between 90m (indoor) and 500 m (outdoor). AP can connect one or more clients.

For a larger distance between the equipment, you will be needing some special antennas. These are of two types: unidirectional (with high gain, up to 24dB) and omnidirectional (with gain rather small, 12-14dB). Unidirectional antennas, as their name says, is oriented in one direction.

What about the hot spot? Well, the hot spot is a public application of WAP (wireless access point) where you can have laptop wireless  internet access.

This concept has become well known in large  cities, because of the need of people of staying permanently connected.


Laptop wireless Internet access is getting available almost everywhere because of wireless technologies’ expansion. This concept became so important that you cam find wireless Internet access in places like parks, public markets, etc. Every public space that offers laptop wireless internet access is known as Hotspot.

The way the information is transmitted is by radio waves. By using radio waves, the information  and the images can be send all over the world being practically the same technology used in mobile phones.

We live in a world where you can’t afford to be slow, where speed, where being fast became a survival necessity. We need so many electronics, we need so much information that often we don’t have space for all the wires that connects us with everything we need. Here…the concept of wireless is a blessing for all of us who need the comfort of being able not to depend on wires for having Internet access.

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