Laptop Skins With Animals

The skins you have on your laptop is not only a way to protect you lid from scratches, but it’s kind of a personal item that tell a little bit about who you are. If you have a skin with hearts, you are most certainly a romantic person. A person that is passionate about cars, will certain pick a skin with a beautiful sports car. Me? I like laptop skins with animals. I’m crazy about animals and if I had a big house with a big yard I’d probably make a zoo out here. In the mean time, I have to settle for one of these awesome laptop skins with animals that we are going to show and describe in this article.

On we found some of the nicest animal laptop skins that you could feast your eyes upon. The big category is named “Animals and Nature” and it has 5 subcategories: Wet and Wild, Big and Powerful, Cute and Cuddly, Plants and Flowers and Small and Deadly. The Wet and Wild subcategory has amazing pictures with aquatic animals like dolphins, sharks, turtles, fish, jellyfish and so forth. The pictures are incredible because a shark is definitely not something you see every day and if you come across one while scuba diving the first things that comes to your mind will surely not be “oh, let me take a picture of those huge jaws”. If you have seen the movie “Finding Nemo” you are going to love the laptop skin with fish that look exactly like our fishy hero: small, orange and with huge white stripes. There are also some snap shots of star fish and some amazing under water images which are bound to look beautiful on the lid of your laptop.

The name of the Big and Powerful subcategory said it all: just imagine which the biggest and most powerful animals are. Here we have the majestic lion, leopards, elephants, zebras, orangutans, polar bears, and the whole African deal of wild animals which inspire fear and a bit of admiration. One thing that does not fit here is that brown cow. Well, it is a big animal but it’s not that powerful. Let’s face it, the poor cow would never stand a chance in front of a lion or a leopard. Here comes the old time favorite: the Cute and Cuddly. I expected this category to be filled with puppies, kittens, bunnies and chicks (as in the hen’s baby, not girl chicks) but we do have some unusual guests like tiger cubs, baby elephants, lion cubs and penguin families. Nevertheless, they are all adorable and make a nice sight for those that love animals. The Plants and Flowers subcategory provided only pictures of static nature and landscapes, so we are leaving it for discussion in another article. The Small and Deadly subcategory contains… small and deadly animals. In fact, they are all insects and reptiles (and a fish). Here you will find laptop skins which are less pleasant but still provide interest for some people: we have a rattlesnake, a tarantula, a pit viper all curled up on a pencil, a piranha and even an underwater alien (some people sure do have a wild imagination).

Another website that has some nice laptop skins with animals is Even if we could only find 25 skins in the Animal category, each and every one of these skins is beautiful and impressive and somewhat cute.  If you have a cat at home, you are going to love the first skin which represents two white Persian kittens in a basket. They are absolutely adorable and one of them was even looking at the camera when the photo was taken so it’s as if he was looking straight into my eyes. One of these skins also shows a beautiful giant white lion while he’s… yawning? Who cares, that beautiful white fur may have the ladies thinking it’s time to buy a new furry winter coat. One laptop skin shows two very cute SharPei puppies, one of them is yawning and the other one is sleepy. By the way, did you ever notice how these puppies look like bath towel? Amazing! Another laptop skins shows 3 tiger cubs which are so cute they almost look like kittens. And to think that when they grow up they become dangerous predators… one could never tell from their innocent figure.

Our last choice for this article is I’m guessing that this site has been recently released because even the total number of the laptop skins available here is way too small. We browsed the animal category but we could only find 4 laptop skins. However, all 4 of them would look really nice on our laptops. The first one was the chimp laptop skin. Personally, I’m not a fan of monkeys, but these critters look awfully nice. The cheetah cubs laptop skin definitely caught my attention. I am a fan of everything that has to do with these big cats like tigers, cougars, pumas or cheetahs.  They have these cute faces that look like sleeping pussycats. If you are a true animal lover, there is no way you won’t love this skin as well. Go ahead and buy one now because from what I hear they are selling out like hot pancakes. The sleepy dog laptop skin is a classic and it’s available on many other laptop skin websites. However, true animal lovers still go “OOOOHHHHH!!!” whenever they take a look at this cute puppy which is taking a nap. This type of skin in a best seller no matter if the laptop owner is young or old. In the end, we all love animals.

Last but not least, we have the jaguar skin. This is an animal imprint and it does not actually show the jaguar. It only shows the skin with all the brown and black dots. Come to think of it, I’ve seen a lot of ladies that wear clothes with jaguar imprints so this laptop skins could match their outfits. Don’t you just love animals?

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