Personalized Laptop Skins

Nowadays, laptops have become a must have accessories and extremely useful gadgets at work, when playing or doing your hobby. If you got a brand new, high end laptop you are maybe thinking about personalizing it in a non-invasive and cool way. The cover or interior skins are a way to enhance the looks of your computer. Skins have another quality of protecting your device from scratches and stains, another protective measure will never harm.

You can get a unique design from an artist, a personal picture or other interesting choices you can possibly think of. For your comfort and liberty, a lot of web stores that are dealing with personalization or customizing, including this service of making laptop skins.



The first service we like to show you is the store from A large amount of artists are offering their works to you by selling them through this site. Beside the classic mugs, T-shirts and wall art, you can get laptop skins in unique patterns, fine photography and digital extravaganza. Besides this, you can search for an artist that has an account there to personally make you an art piece for your laptop’s lid. The prices range based on the site’s and artist’s demands. Going on, we look at These guys can do anything, while the prices start at just $39,95. Their data base takes in a very wide arrangement of designs, messages and pictures. Making these covers is a delicate job, but Zazzle offers only high quality designs on high quality materials, which guarantees you a longer life spam. If what they have there already is not pleasing to you, you can also have the option of choosing your own imagery or text.



Personalization Mall is another web store that does the same thing as Zazzle, but with a few additions regarding the objects they sell and the manner in which they personalize. When it comes to laptop skins, they offer possibly the cheapest options on the market, a photo skin costing $29,95. Their products come with detailed instructions showing you how to correctly applying this stickers in a simple 3 step method. You can get from simple writing ones to detailed and fancy lid skins. All in all, we wish to add a few more things regarding the use of laptop skins. Before ordering, you should know what the measurements of the laptop involved are. If you offer it as a present for someone on a special occasion, it is compulsory to find out the diagonal of the laptop’s lid. When applying it always read the instructions well, even though you might have used them before; different brands may have different types of materials and their applying. After getting bored of the design or if the skin is damaged, be careful how you remove it because you can damage the laptop’s case.

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