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There are too many articles that focus on different laptop model reviews when they should also focus on the laptop parts, on what’s inside the laptop. If you know how different laptop components interact, you could be able to fix a possible hardware problem without having to take your laptop to a service and waiting for days until it’s repaired at a booming price.

It’s important to know about laptop parts and how they work because you will find out different way of protecting your laptop. Take the processor for instance. The processor is also called a CPU, which is short for central processing unit. This processor is actually a chip that controls movement and processing of data. It’s like the heart of the computer. It is attaches to the motherboard of the laptop, which can also be considered the brain. Every other components and programs has to pass though the processor in order to carry out their functions.

Every bit and piece of data that is pulled either from the RAM or from any other hardware part has to be processed. There is a special socket that helps the processor to stay connected to the motherboard. There are instructions related to every task, instructions that the CPU reads before sending it back to the RAM. These instructions that the processor receives are related to data transportation and calculations. There is a trail that all the pieces of data have to follow before they are executed and this trail is called the system bus. The processor is the one that makes sure the data is transferred though this system bus. The processor can read two types of data and handle them as well. First comes the data that has to be processed. Second in line is the programming code, represented by a list of instructions referring to the way in which the data needs to be processed. The CPU is the only part that can interpret the language. The same programming code is the one that gives out information to the CPU about the route that the data has to follow within the system bus. The processor can handle these 2 different types of data until the information is no longer needed (when you close a certain program).

Laptop batteries come in all shapes and sizes but you may be surprised to know that this is a laptop part that your laptop can do without! You don’t need a battery for your laptop to function because you have a power adapter which, connected to a power outlet, will provide enough electricity for your laptop to properly function. Actually, it is recommended that you take out the battery from your laptop when it’s connected to the power outlet for 2 main reasons. The first one is because when the laptop battery is charging, it produces a significant amount of heat. This heat output, combined with the heat that other parts of your laptop produce, can add up a total temperature which is critical and can damage your laptop parts. The other reason is that battery will have a god life for months to come if you don’t keep it in the laptop while the unit is connected to a power source. If the battery gets used to being charged constantly, it will only last for a short while when you remove the power jack from the unit. If you are ever in need of replacing the battery if your laptop made sure you buy the right one because they are specific for every laptop model. When your laptop runs on battery power, the life of the battery depends on a variety of factors.

These factor are numerous, like the level of brightness set on the display, or the number and intensity of the applications you are running, or the exterior temperature in the working environment, or if the wireless card is turned on or off. This is why different laptop models and even different versions of the operating system have several power management profiles. For example, if the power management profile is “high performance” this means that your laptop will use the processor and other hardware components at their maximum capacity but this is shorten the battery life. If you have chosen the “power saver” profile, your laptop will run slower but the battery life will improve considerably. Tell me the truth, how many of you knew these tricks?

The sound board, or audio board, is connected to the motherboard in most laptop models. When different laptop parts are connected to the motherboard, they are more difficult to remove and replace because they need to be re-soldered.  Just like any other laptop components, audio boards can also fail. The most common symptom of audio board failure is the lack of sound from the headphones or the internal speakers.  The first thing you should do is to check if the volume level is not set to the lowest point or even muted. If this was not the problem, you could try and reinstall the sound driver. Laptop drivers can be found on the internet for every laptop model and they are usually available directly on the manufacturer’s website. Sometimes, you have to reinstall the whole operating system in order to get the speakers to work. If all these methods do not generate any kind of positive result, this could be a sign that it’s time to replace the sound board with a new one.

As you can see, in some cases you don’t need to take your laptop to the “doctor” to figure out what’s wrong with it. We don’t recommend you start opening up your laptop if it’s still in the warranty period as you may void the warranty. But the first thing you should do when you notice that a certain piece of hardware in your laptop has stopped working is to check the drivers of that component. Sometimes, reinstalling the driver can do the trick and save you a lot of headache, time and money.

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