How to Cool Laptop Temperatures

When using your laptop, it is very important to be careful to keep it operating at a safe temperature, for the components to work properly. This is why laptops are equipped with cooling fans, which help maintain a proper temperature. But keep in mind that the right temperature to which laptops are due to work is not the same for all types. It differs from model to model. Also, the temperature changes according to environmental factors, surface on which it is on, usage, and so on.

If you want to keep your laptop working properly, at a normal temperature, you should follow some pieces of advice.



First, you should be careful on what kind of surface you keep your laptop. Because a soft surface absorbs the heat, and that leads to a higher temperature. A more appropriate surface is a solid one. You can use a fan, or leave an open window.

Try not to keep your laptop directly in the sun, or in a room where the temperature is very high, because the temperature of your computer will never be lower than the one of the surroundings. Also, in the room there must be some air flow, because the hot air from the laptop must dissipate.

The programs you operate on the laptop influence its temperature. The more complex programs you use, the more heat will be produced. Surfing online or editing a text are not very complex, but watching a movie or using Photoshop will produce more heat.


Dust also influences the proper working of the fans, because it can harden the airflow, thus creating an overheat. So it is important to clean the surface where you keep your laptop, the surroundings, and also the components of your computer.

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