Is A Notebook And Laptop The Same Thing

<strong>Is a notebook and laptop the same thing</strong>? Well actually no and yes, it’s hard to say these days. In the past, the notebook had somehow the same components and features as mini laptops these days, meaning low processor, a limited hard drive and just 1GB of RAM included. But now, they have the most powerful processors, even 8GB of RAM included, powerful graphics and an extra long battery life.

Some good examples of such notebooks are represented by Apple MacBook, Dell, HP Pavilion, Asus and some of the big names in the industry. And that is why it is now harder to distinguish between them. But the main criteria that remained standing is the size, a laptop is still big and heavy with up to 20” displays and the notebook has smaller dimensions and it remains portable.

So, <strong>is a notebook and laptop the same thing</strong>? No, because the size must be taken into account. In some cases you might see that some manufacturers rate their notebooks as laptops and that is why it is so hard and it becomes confusing for many of us. A notebook will always remain portable and a laptop will always be a desktop-replacement, due to its big size. As for the processor capacity, in laptops it is undoubtedly that you can find high processor power, fast and big power consumers as well. As technology has improved big time, smaller processors are being developed and you can find in a small system even Intel Core i3 or i5 processors. Another important aspect is the customization factor, when it comes to laptops, you can easily choose other components, better ones and you can easily find replacements. But in the case of notebooks things are more difficult, because it depends on the manufacturer and if you are able to find compatibilities with it.

In the past, the existence of a DVD writer or even a DVD drive was again a differentiating criterion, but nowadays you can find the optical drive in most notebooks. Laptops have Blu-ray drives (for example Alienware) now. A laptop’s weight usually stands between 1.4kg and 5.4kg. and as the name recalls, the system is developed to stay in your lap, but some weight so much that it is impossible to keep them like this and the desk turns out to be the best place to be kept on (here the term of desktop replacement).

The battery life is a very important factor in any portable system; usually you can find a 6-cell Lithium-Ion, 8-cell or 12 cells, depending on the manufacturer. Apple has of course another thing coming, their batteries are rated at up to 10 hours on a single charge, and same thing applies for both laptops and notebooks, definitely hard to compete for many. But those looking for a budget-system can turn their eyes on an 8-cell battery which enables them to take advantage of up to 5 hours of battery life. And this amount of time is suitable and perfect for any long journey.

So now you see why it is so hard to see the differences between a <strong>notebook</strong> and a <strong>laptop</strong>. They have mostly the same features and we shall see up next the evolution of netbooks, the next ultra-portable systems.

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