Interactive Student Notebooks for Math Classes

Are interactive notebooks really necessary when it comes to using them in class? We see that these gadgets are used every day and wherever you look, but are they really that indispensable? It seems so, because students are using notebook computers regardless of the specialty they are following, so even in math they are necessary.

As we are dealing with students now, classic notebooks, chalk and board is not enough and you hardly see rulers and compasses used in the classroom, they have been replaced with notebook computers. Not only that teaching methodology changes, but also the need to imply technology to increase and attract students’ attention.


When you go in the classroom as a student, you often see teachers using projectors and you see everything on the big screen, you even see captures from movies and studies, so you can better understand how things go around. Interactive student notebook for math class is the one system that has on it interactive programs and uses advance calculating methods. Windows provides the Microsoft package, with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and more. If you are familiar with Excel, you know it has several functions in order to calculate different tasks. You can make tables and lists with numbers and Excel helps it ordinate everything and applies functions and formulas to calculate different equations. This is one reason why notebook computers are suitable for using them in the math class. It also depends if every student has a notebook, or if the university supplies them with notebook computers. If we are dealing with the second case, it would be easier, because then the access could be blocked for different websites, or even no internet provided, so temptation is reduced. Moreover, there are a lot of useful programs to use for math and you can have them installed at any time. As colleges and universities can obtain discounts and even free licenses for some programs, they can install in their own laboratories and help students better understand math and why not, even handle technologies and computers better. When they graduate, they can fit better in a working environment, as everyone these days asks for computing skills. It is true that all kids and students know how to use the computer, but only surfing online, playing games, drawing and writing Word documents is not enough. They also need to manage more difficult tasks, such as accounting and learn the basics of Excel and Access create spreadsheets and tables, do equations and a lot more. As you can see, the utility of notebook computers can be raised higher and they are suitable for more than just fun. You can expand the use once you get deeper in the subject and it is up for teachers first of all, to learn these math programs and then be able to teach students how to use them.


To conclude, you should never underestimate the power of technology and using device sin the classroom. Some of them can turn out to be very useful and can help you explain better the lesson as a teacher and students to put in practice, rather than simply take notes and prepare for their careers and be able to cope with modern technology and advanced programming.

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