Install Linux on a Mac Clam Notebook

As you know, every notebook computer runs on an operating system. There are major ones that run all computers: Windows and Macintosh, which is used strictly by Apple systems. The thing is that these are available with payment; you get them pre-installed when you buy a new notebook, but part of the money you pay is destined to pay the software that comes with it.

Linux on the other hand is open-source and it has over 600 distributions available. One of the distributions and the most popular one and user-friendly on that matter, is Ubuntu. You can install Ubuntu on any notebook you have, as download is free and you can have access to hundreds of free applications. So, no matter is you have Windows of Macintosh on your notebook; you can install Linux instead and enjoy a whole new interface.


Apple iBook G3 is known also as Clamshell and it has the minimum system requirements to install Ubuntu on. In order to install Linux on Mac Clamshell notebook, you will need the iBook 3G, access to internet, one empty CD-R and CD creation software. First of all, you need to go to the website of Ubuntu and download the .iso file available there. Note that the file has 705MB and it can take several hours to download if your internet connection is slow. Open the CD creation software you have installed and select Burn Disc Image from there. Locate where you saved the Ubuntu file and select it to have it on the disc. Insert the blank CD in the drive and click on Create CD. Now that you have the operating system disc, needed in any case when you want reinstall the operating system of a computer, you can pass on and install Ubuntu on your Mac notebook computer. After you finished burning the disc, leave it inside and restart the computer. When the first screen comes up, press down on C key and allow the notebook to boot from CD. After that, the menu will show and you can select Ubuntu from there. After you go through the setup and read the instructions and complete the fields, click Next and review and confirm the new installation and the information you have and Install. After you have installed Linux on your computer, you can read some user comments on Ubuntu forums, all related to your Clamshell and the operating system. There are a lot of users who have installed and have questions and pieces of advice for new entries. Also, note that when you install a new operating system, or reinstall the one you have, you will lose data you have on your hard disk. Back-up any important files before any install, so you can be sure you will have access to your information even after the install. Linux does not have many requirements for installing, just the minimum memory and space on your hard drive. As the file is free, everybody can benefit from it and stop downloading Windows versions online, without any license.


To conclude, if you want an alternative to the operating system you have installed and you want a fresh look, but free in the same time, then you can install Linux on a Mac Clamshell notebook computer and see exactly how that works for you.

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