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IBM has now products developed by Lenovo due to some actions sold. There are several series developed, such as ThinkPad, IdeaPad and Essential. Each of the series is known for certain features and for having a predominant look. For instance, ThinkPad is known for its boxy design, available on black.

Lenovo bought IBM personal computer business and developed the ThinkPad brand in 2005. For business use and also in schools, ThinkPad series is widely known. They are reliable, durable, performing and quality laptops. More than that, ThinkPad has been also used in space and it is the one laptop certified for use on the International Space Station. Of course, some users are not very fond of IBM laptops, known now as Lenovo, because of their look, being a tad dull and without anything spectacular. Even so, the company is focused on quality and features and not so much on design, as most business users and enterprises don’t care about the looks, but more on the functionality.


The IdeaPad has a lot of series of laptop computers, designed for every need and use. For instance, the U series is thin, light and stylish, but the pricing is not that reasonable, starting at $899. It uses Intel Core i7 processor and has screen sizes from 12.5” to 14” LED HD. The Z and Y series are built for entertainment and they have prices under $700, with LED HD widescreens and using 2nd Generation Intel Core processors. Let’s take IdeaPad V470 and take a better look at it. It features a solid keyboard and a lot of configuration options along with a solid construction. The classic design remains the one characteristic that users are not so thrilled about. The price is reasonable for the configuration inside, but does not differ much from its competitors. The keyboard is the bone major advantage of Lenovo laptops, being suitable for long writings no matter the conditions. The 14 “display of this model is bright and sharp, especially as you view it from any angle. The 2 megapixels camera has HD quality video capturing for video chats, so you will be a big fan of it as well. Lenovo Essentials has two series, G and B. the B series starts at $699 and has processors up to Intel Core i5 and two screen sizes, 14” and 15.6” LED HD. The G series is affordable, designed for everyday use, it has a catchy price of just $399, if you apply the coupon available online and it features screen sizes up to 17.3” LED HD. Lenovo Essential G670 is a very good deal for a 15” laptop, but you should not expect a lot from it, as everyday laptops are made just to satisfy daily and reasonable computing tasks. Most of the ThinkPad and IdeaPad laptops are solid and have a very good reputation for the materials used. Nut this G series laptop is not as expected, because it has a plastic body and the glossy lid attracts fingerprints. The chassis is thick and it is not going to be very popular among your friends. You will not attract a lot of views, but if you want a budget laptop and Lenovo is your choice, then this is it.


To conclude, Lenovo laptops offer a wide variety of series and for each you have plenty of configuration options. So no matter what, you will be able to find a system for your needs.

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