HP Pavilion Wi-Fi Problems

HP Pavilion Wi-Fi ProblemsHP finally confirmed the problems encountered at its Pavilion notebooks, series 6000 and 9000.

Apparently the issue comes from the built-in Wi-Fi that is not working, as some owners complained.
The cards are not detecting the network and it seemed that the affected machines are only those running with AMD and Windows Vista.

Silently, HP worked on the problem and released the solution passing by the furious comments coming from different posts.
A Bios update became available and also the instructions for resolving the issue.

Though, some owners of these models tried to fix this by themselves by replacing the Wi-Fi cards, and surprise!
It still didn’t work.
Things didn’t change with those that got that Bios update.
Until now, the two solutions that really worked were to replace the motherboard or to buy a new and different notebook.

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