HP Notebook No Battery

If your HP notebook has no battery, it means it is time for a replacement. You can consider buying a new battery, because once the performance drops, it means that the part needs a change. Notebook batteries don’t live as long as notebooks, because they are made in such a way to resist in certain conditions and that is why no one will give you a precise time until you have your notebook battery.

If you use the system plugged all the time, be sure that you will not enjoy much time when you get portable, but if you take good care of it, you will see how you will increase durability and the overall life of the battery. When it is time to get a new HP notebook battery, you should start directly with the main website of the company.


There you can enter your notebook’s model and you will see exactly the type of battery you need. You can choose to order it from HP, or you can try other websites and third-part sellers. It is best to get it from a trusted seller, because that way you will get a warranty and you can be sure the battery is compatible with your system and it is genuine. A bad battery can lead to some internal damages and then you will have to pay more money on fixing the notebook rather than on getting a new battery. Third part sellers do offer smaller prices for components, but they are not always trusted, you can never know for sure if what you are buying is genuine or not. With no battery inside your notebook computer, you are not able to power the system or do anything for that matter. So, if you see a draining of the battery, do buy the component in time and don’t wait until it fails completely. The shipping time can take a few days and then you will not be able to use the computer. When you get the battery and after installation, don’t power up the notebook immediately; leave it instead to charge completely, for a few hours that is, you can check the status to see exactly how much time it has and only afterwards use the system. You want to make sure that in the future, you will enjoy portability by all means. That is the whole purpose of a notebook computer, to be carried around and used in various locations and situations. But the duration of the battery life depends also on the type of battery and how many cells it has inside. Batteries with 9 or 12 cells do provide a longer period, but they also weight more, so portability will decrease. It all depends on the notebook you have, if it supports upgrades, or if you have to settle with what you receive. When it comes to HP, you can always find it out by checking the website or the manual. You will see if any upgrades are available to change the battery, or if you might have to get two of them and replace them if you ahead of a long trip.


To conclude, when your HP notebook has no battery status and you need to get a replacement, search the website to see exactly what type you need and buy only genuine parts and only from known providers.

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