HP Notebook Advertised on Television

Commercials of any kind have a powerful impact upon us. Even if we want it or not, when we see a powerful commercial, it sticks in our mind and kind of makes us buy certain products. It is no wonder there are notebook computers advertised on TV, as they also appear in TV shows, movies and soap operas. That is a costly publicity and not many can afford to. Moreover, there are some commercials that use famous people in them, such as singers, actors, sportsmen and sportswomen and so on.

The latest HP notebook advertised on television is HP Envy Beats Audio, featuring Dr. Dre, listening to music, all high-tech equipped and creating its own device. If you saw the commercial and if not you can view it online, you will see it looks a lot like the Matrix, with gadgets everywhere, everything computerized and so on. Dr. Dre is a public figure and he surely determines users to buy certain products, because he is influent and has a lot to say, especially when it comes to music and its fans.


As for the configuration inside, for more than $1000, you can choose the following: Intel Core i5 M450 processor, 4GB DDR3 memory, 500GB hard drive and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 switchable. The notebook is made out of aluminum and magnesium and this leads to a solid construction. As it has 5.3 pounds, it is not the most portable notebook around, even though the screen has 14.5”. For everyday commuters it might be somehow hard, but for occasional use outside of the house and travelling, with a proper notebook case, you will manage it. The keyboard has spaced keys, but flat with a single power button. You get neither quick launch keys nor media, but the row with the function keys has media control and other functions assigned, such as mapping and so on. And as this is the Beats Edition, the B key has stamped on it the Beats Audio logo and the letter is also stylized.


As for the touch pad, it is large and provides a lot of room and it seems like there is a tendency for HP to add so much space, but we have to admit it looks good and it feels good as well. Special bass boosting software and hardware is added, working great with Beats branded headphones, making it a top sound notebook computer.

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