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The HP Mini notebooks are definitely some still competition for the Acer Aspire One series or the Asus Eee PC. Probably the most famous mini notebook that HP ever made, one that has a great success is the HP Mini 1000.  It is available in two different sizes, one which has an 8.9 inch display and another one with a 10.2 inch display.

The processor in a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom. You get 1 GB of RAM and another 60 GB of disk space. The price of the reviewed unit is $500.  Compared to its predecessor, the HP Mini Note 2133, this model has a few changes. It’s up to you to decide if they are improvements or not. The Express Card slot was removed and the headphone and microphone jack have been combined. The LAN port is now hidden under a soft rubber cover. As you can see, the HP Mini 1000 has some strong points on the design part. The plastic of the chassis is solid and it contributes to the durability of the laptop. It was nice to see that the display cover is solid enough to protect the screen. Another pleasant surprise was to see that it is extremely easy to do any kind of upgrading on this small notebook. The RAM cover is spring-loaded so there should be no trouble to remove it. There is a big hole which you will expose when you slide the battery lock switch. That hole is big enough for a pen tip to fit in and the RAM cover can be removed without any great effort or fancy tools. After you remove the battery, you will also notice a couple of screws that can only be removed with a screwdriver and then you will get access to the other internal components.


We cannot complain about the colors and contrast of the display but this type of BrightView Infinity screen will reflect almost anything standing in front of it. If this were a desktop replacement, this may not be such an important issue but since most users will buy small notebooks because they need a small computer to carry around, they will find this rather uncomfortable as they sometimes use this notebook outdoors or in powerful lit environments.  The keyboard of the HP Mini 1000 does not seem to have any flaws. The keys are large compared to those of other small notebooks (almost full-sized). We know that the keyboard of a small notebook is usually a problem especially with people that have big hands. In order to achieve such a performance, HP has extended the keyboard all the way to the left and right edges so you either hit the ENTER key or your finger slip off the notebook’s surface. The small palm rest area may be a bit of a problem but I think it compensates with the positive feedback that the keys provide. Besides, when you type you won’t hear any sort of annoying click. The minus of the touchpad is the placement of the left and right mouse button which instead of being located under the touchpad, they are placed on both sides.


The processor is not exactly a powerhorse but it will help you get things done. You can surf the internet, read or edit documents and even watch movies. The thing is watching movies is pretty much all you can use the graphics card for because it’s definitely not good for any gaming and it does not support 3D applications. The speakers are ok compared to other netbooks.  This is mainly because the speakers are located underneath the screen so they are not blocked by your hands for example. If you want to enjoy a good movie, we recommend a good set of headphones or some external speakers. You have 2 USB ports, one LAN port, a VGA connector plus the combo between the headphone and the microphone jacks. There are no serious heat problems as the palm rest plus the keyboard will be a little bit warmer than the room temperature. With the wireless function turned on and the screen brightness set at medium level, the battery of the Mini 1000 will last about 2 hours and 55 minutes. This is not an outstanding performance compared to other small notebooks that have batteries who can keep the laptop turned on for about 5 hours. Another bad part is the fact that there is not any other spare battery available which is better than this one. This is because the battery is very slim and we don’t like this because if we run out of battery in an inappropriate time when we are in need of some extra laptop power, we have no support except for a power outlet.


Of all the HP Mini notebooks, the HP Mini 1000 will offer the greatest balance between power, money and portability. You won’t find a notebook with a better keyboard (except for maybe the Mini Sony VAIO but that notebook is in a different price range). The format and design of the RAM cover makes it really easy for all users to remove, replace or upgrade the RAM. It has really good speakers considering the size and the price of this notebook. We didn’t like that the screen reflects almost anything in front of it and we certainly hate the fact that there is no better battery available but other than that this notebook is a very good choice if portability is the most important factor for you. Its predecessor, the HP 2133 Mini-Note was another good choice for people who are always on the go.


It is also one of the best-looking netbooks you will find on the market as it has excellent built-in quality and also a plain but nice design. There are numerous configuration options although we wouldn’t recommend Windows Vista on a notebook with a weak processor such as the Intel Atom. However, we would go with the HP Mini 1000 because to us, it is just an improved version of the 2133 Mini-Note.

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i like to have hp laptop if i can have it pals help me for that i am from Abuja Nigeria