HP Laptop With Stylus

When you have a HP laptop with stylus pen, this one is generally used on the display which can also act as a touch screen. The stylus pen is a kind of replacement for your finger and it prevent leaving any fingerprints that can ruin the clean aspect of the notebook. An example of HP laptop with stylus is the tx2500z tablet PC. It is one of the best tablet PCs that money can buy and it has the specs to make people envy you for owning this beauty.

It runs on a 2.4 GHZ AMD X2 ZM-86 processor which is combines with 3 GB of RAM. The graphics card is the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200 and the hard drive has a 160 GB storage capacity. The 12.1 inch display can be used as a regular laptop screen and as a touch screen which responds to the commands given by your fingers or the included stylus pen. It has an integrated webcam and other cool features like a fingerprint reader and a mini remote control. It has 3 USB ports, a multi format digital media card reader, an Express Card slot, an Expansion port, one VGA out, one S-Video port, an Ethernet port and 2 headphones and one microphone jacks.
Stylus HP Laptop
Since the touch screen is the central focus point of the Pavilion tx2500z, let’s talk about the tablet features of this laptop. There are some cool things to be said about the functionality of the stylus pen. First I have to say that it acts like a pencil with an eraser at the other end. Whenever you write something on the screen and make a mistake, you can flip over the pen and erase the errors just like that. The display will detect the pen even if it is one inch away from the screen and this is great because your hand does not get in your way when you’re writing. When you switch the laptop to table mode, you may think that you have a problem since you lose control of the keyboard. Along the screen bezel you have buttons which can be used to control the multimedia features like listening to music watching movies and looking through pictures.

Microsoft Office in HP Laptop
The screen bezel also hosts a webcam, great for video chatting using internet chat programs. Even if it’s sometimes easier to use your fingers, I would go with the stylus pen. First of all, it prevents the glossy display from getting all dirty and covered in fingerprints. Second, it is so easy to use it, it feel just like you were writing something down on a normal sheet of paper. First I thought that this is laptop for the business segment of clients. Then I thought it could be very useful for students who want to take notes in class. Finally, when I heard you could get this laptop for about $1000, I think most people can afford it. The battery of this portable unit can last about 3 hours when the windows power management profile is set to “balance mode” and the wireless card is enabled. I love it! Not only is it useful, but it is also good looking and also quite affordable if you ask me.


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