HP Laptop Design

For all those interested in both technology and fashion accessories, today we shall write about HP laptops design. Since HP has some of the best rated laptops, we can only assume that the design must be something special as it is part of that final evaluation. Let’s look into some models and see what they design has to say and if they impressive enough to catch our attention when we shop for notebooks.

The $400 HP Mini 311 must be one of the best sold netbooks on the market at this moment. The design is not something out of the ordinary. The keyboard is fully sized and the touchpad is quite large for the small size of this laptop. The built-in quality is also ok for the low price of the unit. One thing that is attractive about this notebook is the black imprint finish which consists of a spiral pattern that nicely covers the lid and protects it from scratches. This whole mini laptop is a combination of glossy silver and black plastics with a touch of black matter plastic as well. However, all that plastic does not seem to affect the quality and durability of the unit. Even if it is more fragile than a 15.4 inch laptop, the 11 inch Mini 311 does not have any flex in the keyboard area, the back of the display is still very solid and for $400 we should not expect anything more than that.

When it comes to HP laptop design, the Probook 4310s does not give us much to write about either. Aside from all the cool feature that this laptop has to protect your small or medium business, this laptop is mostly covered in plastics.  How else would you get the price of $780 for a business laptop? Due to all this plastic, the laptop does not amaze us in terms of durability. If you put this laptop under pressure, you will notice that the bottom of the notebook flexes. Other key parts where flex has been registered are the palm rest areas (and it’s going to be pretty hard to keep your palm in the air while you type) and the back of the display. If you use this laptop as a desktop replacement, the built-in quality is nothing to disturb you but is you plan on carrying it around, be really careful not to drop it, hit it or scratch it because the chassis is quite sensitive.

If this Merlot color does not look very appealing to your eyes, this laptop is also available in a glossy black color. We think that this standard Merlot is quite nice because we have seen too many glossy black and silver notebooks and it’s nice to have a piece of equipment that is different and stands out in the crowd. And this Merlot is not glossy so we can cross the fingerprint problem off our list. Since this is a business laptop, HP has taken some serious security measures. The hard drive is protected against shocks and you can also encrypt the drives. There are different password managers so in the end HP helps you protect your information from curious and unwanted looks.

That is one Mini, one Probook… I guess it’s about time for a Pavilion model. We have chosen one that everybody heard about: the dv6z. Even if it costs the same as the laptop above, the design is more impressive than what we have seen on the ProBook 4310s. On the cover of the display you can notice a nice imprint finish that can protect the lid from any minor scratches.  All the corners are rounded which makes this laptop more comfortable to carry around. The back of the display seems quite durable and you will not notice any flex unless you apply some serious pressure.  The beautiful glossy black lid is nice, but it is also a fingerprint magnet so make sure you have a fiber cloth in handy to wipe out any unwanted new “imprints”.

Even if it’s made out of plastics, the plastics are solid and this means your laptop can be protected in times of need. Flex in the palm rest area is the same as the flex on the back of the display: it is only noticeable if you press really hard. The bottom of this laptop has some heat vents that are bound to keep this laptop under normal temperatures as they are placed in key locations. There are also two main bottom panels that grant you access to the laptop’s key components so upgrading the RAM is simple.

Last but not least on our list today is the HP HDX 18. This is a laptop that feels solid from the first time you touch it. With a strong and huge display, this 8.94 pound laptop does not register any significant flex in the problematic areas. The entire glossy covering laptop appears to make it shine in a strange way but even if the gloss make the laptop look nice, fingerprints and dust are immediately noticeable so you have to perform some everyday maintenance to keep this laptop’s shiny new look.

The 18.4 inch display is a beauty but a good configuration is going to steal $2200 out of your pocket. Along with this huge laptop, you also get the numerical pad which is very useful for people that have to work with spreadsheets and you even get some cool multimedia control buttons which may come in handy when listening to some music or watching a movie. There is nothing very attractive about the design of this laptop. I’m sure I could really catch your attention if I spoke a bit about the specs but we are going to save that information for another article.

The bottom line is that HP has done impressive work on the design for their more expensive laptop rather than on models under $1000. If you want to see some magnesium or aluminum alloy reinforcement here and there, the EliteBook are a wise category to look into.

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