HP Laptop Computers Won’t Power Up

Your HP laptop computer won’t power up? Well then, we have some solutions to your problem because you are not the only HP user who is confronting with this situation. HP laptops are usually reliable, but in some occasions they can have crashes and so, but don’t panic and don’t get all angry, because some simple steps can make your system power up normally and you going back in tracks. In case you have a HP Pavilion, which is a line of entertainment systems, with sleek design and slim looks, then read along and see what you can do. You don’t need any hardware and no disassembling is required.

First of all, perform a “hard reset” by pulling out all devices that are attached to your system and disconnect also the power cord and the battery from the back of the system. For 15 seconds press and hold the power button. Replace the battery and the power cord and as you press the power button see if the LED buttons blink. Listen to the fan inside and the hard drive, because if your laptop is working properly, then these should be functional and you will surely hear them. If you don’t hear anything, then plug in a device into the outlet to see if that works properly and also check the power cord to make sure there is no break in the connection. Now, if the fan and the hard disk are making any noise, then press the power button again and while the computer starts, press F10, opening the BIOS mode. In case there are still no results, open the CD/DVD drive manually and insert the “Recover Disk” in the drive and close it. The disk should run as you press the power button again and prompts will appear on the screen guiding you through the process. If there are no results what so ever, then you should contact HP technical Support and get some advice from the technician, telling that you followed all the steps and nothing happened.

Moreover, there can be other reasons why your HP laptop computer won’t power up, perhaps even a battery failure and you need a battery replacement or problems with the LCD even, but nevertheless there are solutions. Check the battery indicator light and see if it is on. Set the brightness level up, because accidentally if the brightness is lowered down, then the screen can be black, making you believe that there is something wrong. Look at the AC adapter and see if it isn’t loose where it is plugged, thus making the laptop not charge properly. If the AC adapter is defected, then you simply have to get a brand new one matching your HP model. The battery is one part that is not meant to last forever. After 300-500 charges, it drops dead and you need to do a replacement. Removing it is simple, just unscrew the cover on the back and gently slide the new battery inside.

Also, if you hear your laptop turning on and all the parts inside functioning properly, then the monitor might have problems displayed what should appear on the screen. To check and see if that is so, use the VGA cable to connect your laptop to an external monitor and see if it sends video signals. If your laptop works, then there is nothing wrong with the motherboard and the display is indeed the one to blame.

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