HP Entertainment Laptop Notebook With Swivel Screen

HP is one of those manufacturers that have it all, desktops, laptops,  notebooks, displays and even tablet notebooks. Within their products  you can find the majority of categorized system, but with the accent on  entertainment devices. HP Pavilion is one of the best known series when  it comes for entertaining.

But if you are looking for something more  special, you can go for a <strong>HP entertainment laptop or notebook with swivel screen</strong>.  There are not only one, but several models among which: HP TX2-1020US  TouchSmart notebook, HP TouchSmart tx2-1275dx and HP Pavilion tx2500z  and of course you can find the business tablets, but these have other  purposes.

Let’s take these <strong>HP entertainment laptops and notebooks with swivel screen</strong> and see what is so special about them.  For example, HP TX22500z is a  notebook tablet with a 12.1” display, Vista Home Premium operating  system, a beautiful design and a good keyboard. What is more, it is one  of the cheapest tablets on the market. But of course because it is a bit  cheaper, it has some of its flaws and within them we can mention the  high-gloss screen, which looks great but in lighting conditions you  might have difficulties. 

Another tablet you can look out for is the HP  TouchSmart tx2-1275dx with a good price and functionality report, an  elegant design and the multi-touch experience is just so enjoyable. But  as in the previous case, the battery life is not one of its strongest  points. If you are considering keeping this tablet for traveling needs,  then you should consider a battery replacement to have it near you.  As  for some technical information, this tablet comes equipped with a  2.2GHz AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core RM-74, 4GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive,  integrated ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200 and Windows Vista Home Premium.   The screen size is the same, 12.1” with a native resolution of 1280×800.

With a higher price tag, but with improvements and better  specifications comes HP tx2-1020us at 12.1” display. This is more than a  tablet computer; it is one of the first multi-touch laptop in the  world, so you can use both your fingers to navigate on the screen,  speeding things up. This tablet is lighter than the rest, so you can  carry it around easier and because it turns around 180 degrees, you can  manage to show everybody your presentations or fix the perfect angle for  watching a movie. Being a true multimedia device, it features dual  headphone jacks, a mini remote control and the high-gloss imprint  finish, which gives it a distinctive look.  With the MediaSmart Menu,  you can manage your media files better and all you have to do to open it  is just to touch the screen with both your fingers.

The processor  powering this notebook is 2.2 GHz AMD Turion X2 ZM-82 and even if the  notebook is small, it still comes with a multiformat DVD/CD drive.  You  can always add some more memory, up to 8GB in this case, to speed things  up. But with the amount installed, 4GB, you will have no problems  running multiple applications and manage your work with the operating  system. So in case you were looking for a tablet computer, then HP is one source you can get your inspiration from.

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