How to Enable Wireless on Compaq Laptops

Most of the Compaq laptops these days have wireless integrated, so you should just enable it in order to be able to surf the internet in a specific area. Compaq Presario systems have a good reputation among users, but just like any other laptop, problems can appear on the way.

Calling a specialist or taking the laptop in service could take some time and sometimes you can’t spare a minute, not to mention a couple of days. So what can be done in certain situations? Well you can fix some of the issues yourself as long as you know where to look. One place can be the company’s main website, as there are some guidelines and you can even contact a service assistant to help you in the matter. And if you are wondering how to enable wireless on a Compaq laptop, and then follow some of the steps below and you will be able to fix the problem in no time. Steps are easy, you don’t need to disassemble anything, so no tools required and all you need are some basic computer skills.

To start with, check the button in front of your laptop to see if it is turned on. If the light next to be button is blue, then your laptop is on. You should also see the antenna looking signal. And now, let’s get things started. On the desktop, click the Start menu button and go to Settings. From here select the Network settings and click on the icon in order to open the application. From the options give, you need to select wireless and after right clicking the icon, select Enable from the drop-down menu. Now you can check if the wireless is working. If not, continue executing the steps below in order to fix the problem. Reboot the laptop computer, either from the Start menu or from the button on the laptop. Wait until all applications are loaded and afterwards go to the Start menu again, Control panel and select the Network and sharing center. Double click on the icon and go through the steps in order to Set up a connection or network.

Next, after the list with the options appears on the screen, choose the Set up a wireless router or access point and click Next. This requires verifying your administrator password. Now you can enter the name of the network and the password and after doing all these you should be able to connect to the selected network. And this is all you need to know on how to enable wireless on Compaq laptop. As you can see, it requires some simple and basic steps in the settings and Control panel and in short time, you should be able to connect to a wireless point no matter where you are.

This is a must for each laptop computer on the market. The systems are designed to be portable and to allow you to benefit from all the features you would normally get from a desktop computer. So, when it comes to laptops, you might encounter some small issues, but these should be able to fix with a little help and you can continue working anywhere you are.

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