How Long Do Refurbished Laptops Last

How long do refurbished laptops last? Well this is a tough question, because you can’t get a definite answer to it. It is like asking how long do laptops last? You have to take into account that the type of usage and the applications you run on a portable system are the ones that determine the amount of time your laptop will last. For instance, if you use the laptop daily, but just for a couple of hours and for average computing tasks, then you can have it for quite some time, years even.

But if you leave your laptop computer on all day long and almost through the night and use it for playing games and intense applications, then you can be sure that laptop will not last for so long. The battery is the one that will decrease significantly, because a laptop’s battery is due to last for as long as 2-3 three years, depending again, on how long you keep your system running and how you protect it. But the battery can be the least of your problems, as replacing it is easy and can be done by spending just a couple of dollars. You will notice when the battery drops dead when it starts to hold on less and less and when you charge it completely and after a half an hour it is gone.

Refurbished laptops are definitely worth considering if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you want something reliable and of good value. Refurbished does not mean used, so don’t mistake one with the other. A refurbished laptop is one that had some problems and was taken back to the manufacturer or a authorized company and was tested and put back on sale. A refurbished system was tested for at least two times, so it is completely functional and ready to be used. Its time of usage depends on how you use it, on the parts inside and on the manufacturer as well. Of course, you can’t compare it with a brand new system, especially one that comes with one or two years of warranty. Refurbished laptops come usually with 90 days or so, but it depends on the producer of course. You can’t determine for how long a gadget will last in any condition, because you can never know what can go wrong with it and at what point. For instance, where some users go wrong is with the heating issue. You have to take care of the fans of your laptop and even provide some cooling stands if necessary. If you are used of keeping the system on your legs, on your desk and so and the fans are placed on the bottom, the cooling process doesn’t do its job right and thus parts inside your computer can break down. The worse it can happen is to lose the motherboard, because then you have to replace your entire laptop computer.

Make sure you secure your laptop and you take care of it. From time to time, get a clean cloth, dry of course, and wipe it out, clean also the fans of dust, so they will work properly again. There are also a lot of applications online that will tell you the temperature of your laptop and don’t forget about security software as well, such as antivirus.

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