How Do You Hook Up a Laptop to the Internet

As most of you may already know, an internet connection is a physical connection that you establish between the internet and you hosting provider. Generally, you need an internet cable which is plugged into the computer’s dedicated port but when it comes to laptops, we can also have a wireless connection.

In this article we are going to explain how you hook up a laptop to the internet whether you want to establish a wireless connection or not. Let’s start with the wireless connection. Unlike regular internet connections where you have to plug in the internet cable into your laptop, a wireless connection uses radio frequency signals that are sent from the wireless router to your laptop using an antenna and no wires. Imagine your laptop is a cell phone and the router is your mobile telephone service antenna. The closer you are the antenna, the better signal you will have. It’s about the same with wireless routers. They have only a certain area that they can cover so just because you have a wireless connection at home, doesn’t mean you can use it anywhere you are. Depending on the brand and quality of the wireless router, the coverage areas may vary. A good router (one that you can use at home, I mean) can usually spread the signal around 100 meters.  Wireless internet (and free) is also available in coffee shops, restaurants and some public institutions, like hospitals, universities or train stations.

When you configure your wireless router for the first time, aside from choosing a username, it is also recommended you set up a password. Passwords are important to keep you protected because your internet connection can also be hijacked. This means that an outsider can access the internet using your wireless connection without you approval. It’s like stealing water from your fountain. Needless to say that the more people that use the same wireless connections, the slower the internet speed will become. This is because there is a general internet speed, for example 10 MB per second which is divided to the number of laptops that are using that connection. You also have to be careful when you connect to public wireless networks because the information on your computer may become visible to strangers.




The most popular form of internet connection is broadband. This is also the fastest way to get around the internet. While a wireless connection may be slow and a dial up connection is going to keep those phone lines busy, a broadband internet connection is simple to set up, it’s fast, also rather cheap and most importantly, it’s available everywhere. Whether you are using it at home or at the office, broadband internet is a very good choice. The first thing you have to do to hook up a laptop to the internet using a broadband connection is getting the right Internet Service Provider (called ISP for short). When you sign a contract with an ISP, one of two things is going to happen next. The provider is going to send you a CD which contains all the instructions, step by step, on how to easily install and make all the necessary settings to use the internet on your laptop or they could send in a team of technicians that will install the connection for you.



One thing that people never worry about when they choose to set up a broadband internet connection is the age of their laptop. Computers and laptops that are older than 5 or 6 years may be too slow for a fast internet connection. Instead of upgrading, these users just blame the ISP because the connection is too slow. You must pay attention to this detail and ask someone who knows things about computers if your laptop is not by any chance too old for a broadband connection. When you choose your internet service provider, you also have to check if you get any kind of support if there is ever something wrong with your internet connection. Most people never consider this factor. If something goes wrong and the internet stops working, how fast can you get any help? Will they solve the problem in that same day or is it going to take a week? Can you survive one week without internet? Most broadband service providers will give you a paper with your username and password that you need to set up when establishing the internet connection. If your ISP will send technicians over, they will do this process for you the first time so you can learn from them how to do it. memorize the process because you need to set up this connection using the username and password every time you format your laptop. The technicians will not come and do this for you every time. Some ISPs have a special customer service line and if you are experiencing difficulties in setting up the connection, they can explain the steps by phone.



We are going to explain how to set up your broadband internet connection if you are using Windows XP. Click on the Start button -> Control Panel -> Network Connections. On the left of the window there is column where you select “Create a new connection”. The dedicated wizard will appear and you have to click “Next”. Click the first option (“Connect to the internet”) and click “Next” again. In the next window, choose “Set up my connection manually” and click “Next”. After that, you have to choose one of three ways to connect to the internet. If you have been provided with a user name and password, click the second option and click “Next” again. The next windows will require for you to type in the username and the password and that about does the job. Click “Next” and the last window will ask if you want to add a shortcut to the connection on your desktop. Now, every time you turn on your laptop and wish to use the internet, double click that shortcut on your desktop, press “Connect” and there you go: fresh and ready to use broadband internet connection.

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