Hewlett Packard Notebooks

“EliteBook” is a particular Hewlett Packard notebook which was especially designed for business men (and women) or for all those who have a whole lot of money on their hands. The HP Elitebook 2730p in a 12.1 notebook which a better improved version of its predecessor, the 2710p.

The design is pretty much the same like the one of the 2710p. We still have that elegant silver look which makes this notebook so high-class.

If you could hold it in your hands for a few moments, you could see it is so thin and compact, you will wish you had one in the next minute. By touching this tablet PC you will get the feeling that it was made out of metal. It’s not but it is still very solid and durability is certainly one of its strong points. There is only one hinge that connects the display with the rest of the notebook and even if the corners of the display have a little flex, the 2730 is still very solid nonetheless. There is a latch which keeps the display locked down and on the left corner you will find the stylus silo. By simply pressing it gently, the stylus will pop out a little out of its compartment and then you can pull it and take it out. Be very careful and always put it back here after you use it or there is good chance you will misplace it or lose it. The display only respond to command if you use the stylus as it is not touch sensitive so using your finger won’t help very much. It was nice to see that you don’t have to press the stylus too hard against the screen because these 2 interact very easy and the display gives a positive response to the stylus even if there is a 1 inch distance between them. The stylus works just like a pencil so if there is something you want to erase, just turn it over and imagine there is an eraser at its other end.


The hinge that connects the display with the rest of the notebook will only rotate in one direction so be careful not to force it and cause some damage. The silver buttons look exactly like the one on a Dell Inspiron and it suggest the overall quality of this Hewlett Packard notebook. The display also has a sensor that can automatically adjust the image based on the light conditions around. On the side of the notebook you have both the fingerprint reader and the power button so can get access to the without opening the lid of the notebook. There are some useful functional buttons which you can turn to when the notebook is in the tablet mode. On the left side you will therefore find an escape button, another one which is a combination between the CTRL, ALT and DELETE buttons in case you have any problems with the system and a button that helps rotate the display’s image at 90 degrees. Just like most business notebooks, this one also has an integrated webcam and a really good feature was the light that illuminates the keys is you need to work in a poorly-lit or dark place. This light is not actually in the keys, it pops out when you press a special button which is located on top of the LCD cover.


The keyboard is almost fully-sized and it’s a pleasure to type on even if the keys only travel for a short distance. We appreciate though the size of keys considering the size of the notebook. It is also good to know that you can choose between different components for your laptop. Be aware that the components you choose will also affect the battery life. The system can support an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and up to 8 GB of RAM (we think that about 2 GB should be enough though). The battery lasted longer than we expected and if you use it for basic tasks, even with wireless turned on and the display brightness at half capacity, you can get 4 hours of battery life as well. You also have that slice battery option but overall you should be satisfied with the performance of this regular one. We are pretty sure that if you could get your hand on the 2730p and just use it for a couple of hours you could easily fall in love with it. It is practical and due to the multiple ways in which you can use it, there is a very small chance you will become bored like most people do with their average notebooks. Like we said in the beginning of this article, this is a notebook for people who can afford it. It costs somewhere between 2000 and 2200 dollars and even if it’s worth the money, some of us just don’t have that kind of cash lying around in the house.


We can live with the fact that it does not have an optical drive because they are quite cheap and you can always attach it to the USB. And since memory sticks are taking over the DVD world, the solution is much simpler. You can buy an external DVD drive and keep it home because you will probably use it for watching movies mostly. Due to the good processor and sufficient RAM memory, the system will run extremely ok and it also stays cool except for when the battery is charging. In that case, the notebook gets a bit hot but it’s nothing you can’t handle.


In term of tablet PC’s, this is one of the best models available on the market today and it does not have that many good competitors. However, before you buy, we recommend you find a way of trying it out (maybe in the specialized shop) to see if you get along with this type of notebook, if you are ok with using the stylus pen on the display or if you are more old-fashioned and prefer to use the keyboard and mouse to get things done.

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