Gdium Liberty 1000 Mini Notebook Computer

Maybe it’s a shame to hear today about the Gdium Liberty 1000 mini notebook computer but, well, my bad. I say these because it seems to be a great alternative to the popular Asus Eee PC netbook, even if it is available at about the same price.
The manufacturer didn’t publish any news about its price yet, but all were expecting to see it in stores last September at under $500.

Gdium Liberty 1000 Mini Notebook 

Gdium Liberty 1000 should be cheaper though, if we take into account the fact that it runs on the free Mandriva G-Linux operating system, in addition to its entry-level components which I will mention in the following lines to give you the big picture.
This stylish white laptop was created for people who like to learn things on the go, communicate with the others and be up to date with the latest online news.

It sports a 10-inch LCD display of 1024 x 600 pixels, which is enough to show full web pages. In addition, it features extended keyboard, Wi-Fi G module, web camera, 512MB DDR2 memory, 8GB or 16GB Flash storage, three USB ports, card reader, Silicon Motion SM502 video card with 16MB RAM, built-in speakers and microphone, multi-input touchpad, VGA out, Ethernet, and a 4-hour battery.

The new mini notebook computer here measures 250 x 182 x 32 mm at 1.2Kg and runs with a 900 Mhz 64bits Loongson 2F processor from STMicroelectronics.

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