Frozen Laptop?

If you laptop is frozen, one thing is certain – next time you go to the North Pole, you should leave it behind! Anyway, you don’t have to go in an area with extreme temperatures to see your laptop frozen – sometimes, it’s enough to have some defective hardware inside it, or various software issues. OK, so how can you find out what’s wrong with your laptop and causing it to freeze so often? That’s what we should find out next…

Frozen Laptop

If your laptop is frozen, and your keyboard or mouse/trackpad are not responding, Shutdown also being impossible, here’s what you should do:

1. Disconnect the laptop power cord if inserted/remove the battery
2. Wait at least 15 to 20 seconds

3. Put back the battery
4. Reconnect the power cord, if you’re going to use the AC adapter
5. Turn the laptop on
6. Just in case, be sure to perform a virus/spyware scan, update all your drivers, and clean your Windows

If you’re still having problems, get back here and ask for our help, it will be our pleasure to help you as much as we can! After all, what could be worse than a frozen laptop? A frozen desktop computer, I guess…

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