Digital Notebook with Handwriting Recognition

Talking about innovative products submitted for the IFA 2008 customer electronics show, we have to mention 2 products introduced by Freesat Inc., the Laptop Pen and the TabletMouse.

What does the Laptop Pen do actually? –It is designed to convert your standard laptop computer into a highly-responsive tablet PC, after you clip the special device to the monitor, which doesn’t have to be touch-sensitive in order to recognize handwriting and, more than that, it allows you to write directly on the screen using the pen.

You don’t have to worry about leaving scratches, because the gadget set includes a protective film that you need to apply on the screen before starting to draw your sketches.

The Laptop Pen is supported by both Windows Vista and Windows XP including Microsoft Office suite up to the 2007 version, and you can use it on the new digital notebook with handwriting recognition for presentations, annotations, electronic signatures, painting, ink chatting in instant messengers, E-Learning, online training, or just for having fun with your children.

The part that clips on the monitor is the receiver station featuring a USB connector, LED lamp, the tablet function LED, and a mouse function LED, while the specially designed pen, based on the wireless technology, sports a pen cap, pen tip, mouse L/R buttons, Eject button, and a battery cap. It powers from the 1.5V cell battery x 3 EA.

In order to make it ready to work, you need to connect the clipping module’s USB cable into one of your free computer ports and run the software.
There’s also a Tablet Mode, which lets you write directly on standard paper sheets with ink and check your notes on the computer.

Freesat’s Laptop Pen that sets your digital notebook with handwriting recognition is available at around $200.

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