Dell Notebook Batteries

Dell estimates a life for its batteries for about 18-24 months, depending on the type of battery and type of usage. There are several methods to check if Dell notebook batteries are in order, because you have to make sure that the battery is the cause of the problem before you get to change it in any way. In time, batteries turn to wear down and you can track them down if they don’t charge completely anymore or they don’t hold a proper charge. A defective battery is better to be replaced, especially as they are not expensive and you can get them from Dell directly. But before you do any replacements, let’s see how to check if the battery is fine or not.

If the battery is drained out completely, plug the power supply in a socket and wait for the green light or the power light to appear. When the notebook is starting, look for any error messages, some Dell notebooks stop loading and display an error message telling the battery can’t be recognized and thus you need to change it. Track the battery icon on the Windows Start bar and place your mouse over it to see information available, you can also double click as well. During use, Windows can display some pop-up messages in the lower right corner, indicating that the battery is low or not recognized. You can check on the website to see if your battery is the one recalled by Dell. You can enter the PPID number located on the back of the battery. If you happen to have a recalled battery, or defective one, Dell will replace it for free.


Moreover, in case you need to buy a replacement battery, you have to see Dell’s website at first, fill out the search box with the battery model you have and add the selected battery to the shopping cart. In case you don’t know the type of battery you have inside, then search the specific Dell notebook you have and add it to the cart, even though you are not buying the notebook. The customization process starts this way and you will be able to see the exact battery your system has. Add the battery to the shopping cart and you are done. If you don’t want to pay the price listed on the website and you wish for something more reasonable, then visit any third party sellers and see discounts for refurbished or new notebook parts. Always make sure the battery is compatible with your notebook computer and double check this information before proceeding. You can also check for coupons before buying and you might get some discounts off the original pricing. You can make yourself the stock and buy another battery, so you can be sure that if you are far away from a power supply, you can always slip the other battery in and can benefit of more time on your notebook computer.


Finally, check the warranty and the returning policy, because you might have to return the battery if something is wrong. When you replace the battery, let the new one charge completely and don’t use the notebook before. This assures a healthy life and you can be sure the system will function properly afterwards. As long as you take these issues into account, you should have no problems in buying Dell notebook batteries.

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