Customizable Laptop Backpacks

Some users don’t want to have the same items as everyone else, even though we are talking about gadgets, accessories and so. They rather be unique and design their own accessories, just to be sure that no one else has it. This is one reason why people buy laptop skins, mobile phone cases, just to give their device a new meaning and a new look, to be distinguished from the rest. The same thing happens with customizable laptop backpacks, because some would rather create their own backpack if possible, than just buy popular products online. Not many companies out there allow customization when it comes to backpacks; you can create your own laptop skins for instance, but carrying accessories come already made and everything.

But there is hope, as Timbuk2 comes with a solution for those who want to be different. They allow customization for a wide variety of laptop carrying cases and bags and also for backpacks. The starting price is $119, which is something for a backpack. You will have to choose the size of the backpack according to the size of your laptop computer. You can see the measurements made and you can be sure that your system will fit inside the backpack. After that, you can choose the colors you want for the backpack, for the left panel, center and right.


The fabrics are also customizable and you don’t have to go with a single color, you can have designs, stripes and combination of styles matched together. You will see each fabric what is made of and for each panel you color, you will be added around $15 to the original price. Moreover, next you have the body and the strap to color up, including the messenger flap and the color of the logo. Finally, you can choose extra pockets and accessories to have inside, such as a zipper pouch for tiny items you carry, three-way accessory case on top for storing your smartphone and other gadgets or media players. In the end, you will have to pay more than $150 if you choose the whole package, coloring every corner and the extra bags and pouches. But if you want something special, you will have to pay the appropriate price. Moreover, M.A.S.K Custom build backpack comes at around $111.99 and provides the same wide variety when it comes to customization. You can choose the face, the interior lining, if red, blue or black and the design you want to have on the backpack. Depending on the style you have and the needs and environment you want to use the backpack in, you can make your own way through the crowd. SLAPPA custom build laptop backpacks are comfortable and will protect your portable system no matter what. The warranty is for 180 days and the company provides repair and adjustments for anything that gets damaged in that period of time.


To conclude, some users prefer to customize their products with stickers, badges, using markers and coloring them up. But if you want a well-made and designed laptop backpack from the start, you can choose from what is available online and present yourself with something totally different. Sometimes you have to pay a little more than usual, but at least there are few chances that someone chooses the same design as you.

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