Compare Dell And Lenovo Laptops

When you are stuck in between two manufacturers of laptop computers, the best thing to do is compare them. You can set them apart according to their performance, design, weight, battery life and other aspects that count for you. In the end, you will see which one reigns to be the best choice and you can be satisfied and send your order. In this article we are going to compare Dell and Lenovo laptops and see what these two companies have to say. Every one of them has their negative and positive aspects, so it is best suited to point them out and then even give some advice on what you should do.

It is hard to pick up a manufacturer from all of them, so it is even harder to choose an individual laptop from them. Both Dell and Lenovo are worldwide recognized and Dell started as a retailer online, they don’t have a physical store and you can purchase computers from their main website or from other online retail stores. Lenovo started its activity on the market in 2005, back in the days it was among the branches of IBM, until Lenovo bought IBM’s laptop branch in 2005. The total amount of money paid was $1.75 billion. Moreover, Dell is known for their reasonable priced laptop computers, even though they introduced Alienware and XPS, both lines designed for high performance and gaming. Alienware laptops are well known among gamers and chosen for their discrete graphics. But the budget line of Dell is the Inspiron one, where you can choose among various colorful and budget laptops, starting from $399. On the other hand, Lenovo is known for their two main series: Thinkpad and Ideapad. The two of them are known for their great keyboards. Thinkpad stands for that small ball, placed sometimes in the center and sometimes below the keyboard; this is used to control the mouse. Some users hate it and some are big fans, but as many of the models come with a trackpad and the track ball, you don’t have to decide a camp after all. But nevertheless, the choice you will make is based on personal preferences, but if you are in need of a gaming laptop, then you surely need to pick Dell, Alienware line to be more exact. Also, Dell laptop computers are friendlier looking, with their colorful lids, rounded corners, glossy chassis and even their way of presenting the products is catchier.

If you are looking for a netbook computer, here is where the two companies also compete. Dell Inpiron Mini is the line called for these ultra portable systems and the IdeaPad laptops are for Lenovo. When it comes to Dell, the products start at just $249 and they received very good reviews and ratings. Most of them run on 1.66 GHz Atom processors and have integrated graphics, which is enough just for basic computing tasking. Lenovo Ideapad stands for more power, but at a higher price. The U series can even be packed with Intel Core 2.2 GHz processors and they start at 3 pounds, with 11.6” displays, instead of the 10” ones used by Dell. The price for the U series starts at $699, without any upgrades.

So there you have it, some ideas and thoughts on Dell and Lenovo, both known and both appreciated by their laptop computer. Which one will you choose?

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