Color Apple Laptops

Unfortunately color Apple laptops are very hard to find, almost impossible you might say. Apple laptops usually come in white, grey or black. They are standard and let’s face it, just recently the colour mania has started. And most of consumers are looking for a stylish and elegant laptop, not everybody wants to stand out of the crowd with a pink or red laptop.

Unlike other brands, like Dell, Toshiba or Asus, which have decided to commercialize coloured laptops, Apple has remained stable and offers just your typical outstanding design with excellent performance. Even though the colours are different in a laptop you should know that this doesn’t affect the performance. Only the outside is changed, the inside remains the same.

Colorful Apple Laptops

If you really want to color Apple laptops it is possible thanks to the internet and the manufacturers of laptop cases or bags. All you have to do is get the Apple laptop you want, no matter the colour and afterwards you will have to pick the colour or design you want printed on your laptop. Let’s take for instance laptop cases. According to the screen’s size you can pick out thousands of models.

You can get simple laptop cases, which just protect the laptop and you can’t put anything else beside it. Then you have laptop bags, unlike cases here you can put your laptop, books, keys, phone, documents, everything you have. Some laptop cases can be left on the laptop and you don’t need to remove it in order to use it. That is a major advantage for some.

Permanent protection against fingerprints, dust, scratches and possible damage while dropping it. You can easily find laptop cases and bags made out of plastic till leather ones. Now these are fancier and more expensive also. If you have the money you can go for a leather case and give an extra style to your laptop.

Black Pink Color Apple Laptops

The next measure you can take to color Apple laptops is using skins. These can be found online at any step. They are both removable and reusable, meaning you can create an entire design for each day of the week or why not even matching your outfit. Skins are cheaper, they can be found for about $10-$20. You can add any colour you like, different shades and now you can create the ones you like using photos, text, family photos, animals, landscapes and so on. Customizable skins are priced around $24 and can be done online as well. You just upload the picture you like, add some fonts or text, different styles and you have it. They will ship it in a couple of days and you can stick it on your Apple laptop, giving it more of you. You can put clouds on it, your pet, graphics or simple colours. When you are sick of the skin, remove it and add another one, this one great way to easily color Apple laptops for a cheap price.

As you can see, you don’t have to worry anymore if you can’t find a colored Apple laptop, because now you can colour it yourself with anything you want, easy and cheap.

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