Colored Laptop Computers

Black and silver are classic colors. Yes, I know you are bored of your notebook’s grey look and you envy your friends that have personalized designs, so you would like to find a way to make your model stand out from the crowd but you don’t know where to look for and what exactly to apply.
Colored Laptop Computers
Colored laptop computers are fashionable, more and more manufacturers and designers coming out with sophisticated ideas about how to change your laptop completely.

As it is not enough to carry it in a stylish laptop sleeve because you’d have to take it out when you’ll need to work on it, I’d suggest you to think about the following solutions.

Laptops in Different Colors

Colored Laptop Computers

This idea surely won’t grab you out of classic and won’t make you look strange in the others’ eyes. Well, this depends on your tastes and the ability to fit the right colors with your working environment.
One of the top laptop manufacturers that sell colored notebook computers is Dell.
It provides several cool models with different vibrant colors and patterns to choose from, such as the Inspiron 1525 Laptop series, which is also rich in entertainment features and optimized for the work on the go, with built-in web camera, Bluetooth, wireless connectivity, high-definition displays, multimedia controls, and the latest processing technologies.

Another suggestion for colored laptop computers is the Vaio VGN-TZ2000 series of configurable models available in stylish colors and designed for both customers and business sectors. They can come in black, champagne gold or rose.
If you prefer the classic black with just a little bit of color you can check Acer Gemstone Blue notebooks or those from Alienware.

Colored Laptop Computers

Alienware adopts the Ripley case design featuring the AlienFX tool with which you can customize the lighting themes for the head logo, keyboard, touchpad, controls and power button.

Colored Laptop Computers

Acer Aspire Gemstone Blue features Holographic 3D cover consisting of starlit backlight shine below the logo for extra elegance, the Acer CineDash touch-sensitive interface with navigation menus, volume adjustment and media control, the DiamondBlack eKey to add a plus to the image of a precious stone, and the NeoWeave palm rest for ergonomics.

Colored Laptop Computers

And we can’t forget to mention COLORWARE that sells Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks, MacBook Air, Dell Vostro and Dell XPS in cool colors with the possibility to customize the model before purchasing, and change the system, frame, palm rest, bottom, logo and keyboard color. The metallic and solid colors used are glossy, scratch resistant, and don’t fade in time.

Cool Laptop Skins

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You could also apply cool laptop skins, which have the main role of changing your device’s look but work also as protective layers against dirt, scratches and liquid spills. There are many skins providers but you should always research to find which are the best ones that use high-quality materials and adhesives that don’t remain on the laptop after you remove the skin.

Colored Laptop Computers

I can recommend you several models created by real designers at Gelaskins. These are inspired by various style categories and I’m sure you can find more than one to match your taste.
Also, you can check skins providers that allow you to make custom laptop skins by sending your own pictures to be applied on the notebook. One such store is skinit. It even works together with Hewlett Packard to create new interesting designs so it is surely a trusted resource.
Notebook stickers that apply on the entire exterior surface of a laptop are the most affordable solution for you as prices are around $20 for a skin.

Here is a list of cool websites from where you can choose best laptop skins:


Sparkling Graphics

Colored Laptop Computers

Now, if you are rich enough to love diamonds you will like this.
One of the winner of Microsoft’s Fashion PC Award is the Signature PC from Ego Lifestyle, the creator of a luxury notebook collection called Ego Diamond.

It is a limited edition consisting of high-class notebook designs featuring rounded margins, precious diamonds encrusted in white gold and platinum. If you have some ideas you can discuss with specialized designers from Ego to create tailor-made notebooks.
Ego Diamond notebooks sport changeable handmade decorative leather skins, chrome carrying handle, high-quality high gloss piano black interior, high gloss chrome outer frame, 2 sliding doors hiding the connectors, 12 direct access keys, stereo microphone, built-in web camera, bass reflex sound system with 4 integrated speakers, AMD Turion 64 processor technology, Windows Vista Ultimate operating system pre-installed, Bluetooth, 3-hour battery life, voice recognition, and a 12.1-inch wide anti-reflected display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.

Colored Laptop Computers

They have a starting price of $10,900 and are available in selected markets worldwide.

Cheap Swarovski Crystal

Colored Laptop Computers

Those of you that don’t afford a $11,000 laptop with diamonds but still want some sparkling stones on your PC should orientate to Swarovski crystals, and one of the online stores providing such a solution is CrystalIcing. Here you would have to spend 5 times less than on an Ego Diamond, about $2,000.

Laser Engraving Services

And now let’s get to a more complicated solution! Laser Engraving was discussed previously in one of our articles, when we mentioned a company called Epilog Laser which sells laser engraving equipment.

This complex design method consists of using lasers to engrave the laptop’s case which is made of materials included in the laser engravable category, such as polymer and novel metal alloys. A laser engraving equipment is a system featuring a laser, a controller and a surface. The laser emits a beam that guides the controller in tracing patterns on the surface, depending on the direction, intensity, speed of movement, and spread of the laser beam.

Colored Laptop Computers

Other engravable materials include natural woods, plastics, metals, coated metals, stone, glass, jewelery.

Epilog Laser machines engrave in three steps: insert of the notebook into the system, scan the image you want and print it to the laser. Such a system has prices starting at $10,000 for the 18 x 12 inches version called Epilog Mini 18 with 25 Watts power.
This is a permanent design solution for your laptop.

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